November 2008

Double Cover: Behind The Mumbai Terror Attacks / [3] What Is A False Flag Attack?

Here's the third installment of a series on the Mumbai terror attacks:
Double Cover [3]: What Is A False Flag Attack?

The previous installment is here:
Double Cover [2]: What Is A Commando Raid?

And the first one is here:
Double Cover [1]: Nothing Can Ever Be The Same

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Double Cover: Behind The Mumbai Terror Attacks / [2] What Is A Commando Raid?

Here's the second installment of a series on the Mumbai terror attacks:
Double Cover [2]: What Is A Commando Raid?

The previous installment is here:
Double Cover [1]: Nothing Can Ever Be The Same

Double Cover: Behind The Mumbai Terror Attacks / [1] Nothing Can Ever Be The Same

I've started a series on the Mumbai attacks.

Here's the first installment:
Nothing Can Ever Be The Same

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Land For Nukes: Dying Of Sadness

Do you want the truth? Can you handle the truth? There's more than enough here to make you weep and scream, from Chris Floyd:

Please read the whole thing, and watch the video too.
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Thankful At Last / Apologies

The post I wrote yesterday could have been read in a very different way than it was intended, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of my readers took it the wrong way.

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Clueless By Design

In honor of the cluelessness around us, and in recognition of the day when we celebrate our genocide against the people who lived in North America before it was "discovered", I've made a list of all the things that we -- as politically aware Americans -- have to be thankful for today.

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Torturing Democracy: A Documentary That Could Put Dick Cheney Out Of Our Misery

Torturing Democracy, an expose of how and why America came to be involved in open large-scale torture of prisoners (many of whom were simply shepherds captured by mountain tribesmen and sold into captivity), is now available for viewing online.

You can read the whole thing here, and/or comment below.

Rashid Rauf's Family Says Reports Of His Death By US Air Strike Are False

Family members of Rashid Rauf are disputing the widely-reported claim that he was killed in a US missile strike in Pakistan on Saturday, and it would be altogether fitting and proper if they were correct. None of the other news that has been widely reported about Rashid Rauf and the so-called "Liquid Bombers" has stood up to serious scrutiny, either. Rarely if ever in human history has more been done with less.

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Cossiga Spills More Beans On Our "Security Blanket"

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga speaks a bit too freely sometimes -- to our great benefit. Recently he made some not-so-startling admissions, which were picked up by Chris Floyd ...

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99 Francs - Forced consumption

Here is a little video from a French film which I uploaded to my blog. WP thought it was worth posting here. The title '99 Francs' refers to the commercial habit of offering prices like $ 9.99, instead of $ 10.

A little context: Octave works in an advertising agency. He comes up with a pretty funny idea for a commercial, but it's shot down by the representative of the company selling the product. So he does a dumb commercial instead, the usual crap you see everyday. But inside, he can't stand this shit. So, he works in collusion with the director of the dumb commercial, who is also pissed off because of the crap he had to shoot, and creates another version. And, Octave has a man working inside Channel 1, to hijack the airwaves and broadcast that very version. The extract starts as he is preparing to leave to nowhere, before it all explodes.

The video's there. [Couldn't upload it anywhere else than on my blog. Copyrights I suppose.]

I'm in the course of reading a very interesting anarchist book, whose chapter drafts are available for free here. It's called "Organization Theory" and will soon be released. Some of its passages are mind-boggling. Here's one that resonates with George Carlin's bit about how people are owned by big corporations:
Illich's mistake lies in his confusion over who the actual consumer is. Counterproductivity is not a "negative internality," but the negative externality of others' subsidized consumption. The "disappointment" is not internal to the act of consumption, because the real "consumer" is the party who profits from the adoption of a technology beyond the second threshold--as opposed to the ostensible consumer, who may have no choice but to make physical use of the technology in his daily life. The real consumer is the party for whose sake the system exists; the ostensible consumer who is forced to adjust to the technology is simply a means to an end. In the case of all of the "modern institutions" Illich discusses, the actual consumer is the institutions themselves, not their captive clientele. In the case of the car culture, for example, the primary consumer is the real estate industry and the big box stores--not the poor schmuck who lives in a monoculture suburb and can't buy a loaf of bread without hopping in his car to negotiate the freeway-mediated system of entrance and exit checkpoints. The inconvenience suffered by the suburban homeowner, whose feet, bicycle, etc., are rendered useless as a source of access to shopping and work, is an externality resulting from the real estate industry's subsidized consumption of cheap roads, fuel, and utilities, from zoning prohibitions of mixed-use development, and from preferential treatment of suburban developments by home mortgage subsidies. Rather than saying that "society" suffers a net cost or is enslaved to a new technology, it is more accurate to say that the nonprivileged portion of society becomes enslaved to the privileged portion and pays increased costs for their benefit. Or as Lewis Mumford put it, the "megamachine" is "a minority-manipulated majority-manipulating device...."

The larger theme of the book seems to be that large organizations are too costly to maintain, and it would be much 'better' to have cooperatives of self-employed workers. For instance, the higher production of factories is over-shadowed by the higher cost of distribution of a mountain of units destined for the national (and sometimes global) economy, the higher cost of management, the higher cost of advertising. Cooperatives of self-employed workers in a local economy that is dependent on consumer demand drastically lowers (and sometimes erases) those costs, which explains why globalization is actually a waste/plunder. Profit through large-scale production is only possible when the cost of distribution is subsidized by the state.

An illustration of this happened not too long ago, when big capitalists threatened to leave India if something wasn't done regarding its road infrastructure. That is, distributing their products threatened to become too costly, so they dumped the bill on Indians instead of providing the money themselves.

In other words they make profit at our expense.

Thus Was All Hope Lost, 45 Years Ago Today

Forty-five years ago today, the world was changed by an audacious act of terrorism.

Ensuing events have confirmed the suspicions that arose at the time: the changes that came in the wake of the event have been forever, and not for better.

Humanity's last reasonable hope for peace and prosperity was dashed. The last real President of the United States was dead. And all the rest has been decline and fall.

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Reports From Pakistan Say Rashid Rauf Has Been Killed In A US Airstrike

The alleged liquid bomber mastermind is now reportedly dead.

You had to know this was coming.

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Glenn Beck Gets Something Right

I don't agree very often with any of the people who host and contribute to FOX News, but that's not because of any hard and fast rule; it's just because of the things they say.

Usually they feed you one lie wrapped in another, smothered by a third. But every now and then they accidentally allow a little bit of truth to slip into the mix, and that's when they get interesting.

One interesting bit of accidental truth-telling was occasioned by Wednesday's release of yet another "al Qaeda" video...


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Lost In The Land Of Make-Believe

The election of Barack Obama has seemed to many people like a magic trick -- a wish come true, in some cases the wish of a lifetime.

It's a result that seems to confirm their belief that America is still capable of pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

Many seem to think that Obama himself can pull a rabbit out of a hat -- or multiple rabbits out of multiple hats -- whenever he wants to.

But there's a nasty surprise in all the magic: Obama is the rabbit, and the trick is on us!


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Texas grand jury indicts Cheney, Gonzales of crime

Ya gotta love this headline!! smiling

Texas grand jury indicts Cheney, Gonzales of crime
Wed Nov 19, 2008 2:49am EST
HOUSTON (Reuters) - A grand jury in South Texas indicted U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and former attorney General Alberto Gonzales on Tuesday for "organized criminal activity" related to alleged abuse of inmates in private prisons.
...The grand jury in Willacy County, in the Rio Grande Valley near the U.S.-Mexico border, said Cheney is "profiteering from depriving human beings of their liberty," according to a copy of the indictment obtained by Reuters.
The indictment cites a "money trail" of Cheney's ownership in prison-related enterprises including the Vanguard Group, which owns an interest in private prisons in south Texas.
Former attorney general Gonzales used his position to "stop the investigations as to the wrong doings" into assaults in county prisons, the indictment said.

Cheney's indictment in south Texas moves forward

UN Official Says Israel's Policies Strengthen Extremists

John Ging, director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees in Gaza, has told an Israeli newspaper that Israel's policies in the Gaza Strip are strengthening extremists there.

This is probably not news to many of my readers, nor would many of my readers be surprised if I said that, in my opinion, strengthening extremists is one of the goals of the Israeli policy.


You can read the whole thing here, and/or comment below.

Airstrike Redux: When Will We Ever Learn?

Following one of my most recent posts ("Pass The Cheese: Iraqi Soldier Kills Two American Soldiers") there was a discussion at Winter Patriot dot com which reminded me of a few things. And rather than tell you about them, I've decided to show them to you.

This is a piece from October of 2007, which I called "When Will We Ever Learn? Airstrike Kills Civilians In Iraq, Pentagon Denies Everything". It is reposted here, in full, with no apologies for the graphic content.


You can read the whole thing here, and/or comment below.

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Shiva is not welcome at weddings

This is the latest post from Les Visible. It was so good I decided to post the whole thing here. I think Les Visible is one of those very few bloggers ( like our WP smiling )who is sincerely after the truth and not afraid to tell it like he sees it. I also really like his style. If you haven't read him, I recommend you check out some of his posts at Smoking Mirrors. This post is about truth, and who's telling it, and who's not and why it's important. Truth telling is something we don't see very often and something we never see from our politicians.

He notes that the Hindu God Shiva is often not invited to weddings because he's considered bad luck. Turns out that's because he is the Destroyer (of things that are not real).
It's a good thing for Shiva he is not invited to them Afghani weddings.

Wednesday, November 12
The Obama Drama, Osama and Al Qaeda Marching Band.

I want to give Obama a chance. I really do but then he put that Mossad Capo with short man’s disease in charge of who sees Obama and what Obama hears …and now comes another curious thing which actually should be put in the “None of Obama’s Business File” and I’m starting to think that Ozzy Osborne may be singing “Chosen One.” to the tune of “Fortunate Son.” at the inaugural ball.

Look, the truth is that Lieberman is a neo-con who puts Israel first before the interests of the United States. That is a given. He should be stripped of his committee chairmanships at the very least because he is a traitor to the party he is supposed to serve. I don’t want to hear about how he is now an Independent. He promised certain things and then didn’t do them. He’s a weasel. If he isn’t punished for what he’s done then it’s just one more example of who controls America and one more example of why America is going down the tubes. It’s none of Obama’s business what Congress does in its internal workings. I seem to remember that that was why they separated the branches of government and we’ve seen what has happened over the last eight years when those lines were muddied to the point of no longer being visible at all.

From what I can see so far… it’s business as usual. Everything that the founders argued and warned about has come to pass and you don’t need a map to see where that road leads.

Now we’re getting those boogeyman alerts again. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t make some comment about activity from Osama or Al Qaeda. It seems that no matter how many times it gets said or how many ways it gets said, that there is no Al Qaeda, we’re still hearing about Al Qaeda. People in the know; know who Al Qaeda really is. Al Qaeda is a complete fabrication and the CIA admits it.

Then there is Osama Bin Laden. Here is a fascinating take on Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Once again you see the same players and the same scenarios. Bin Laden is dead. There’s no Bin Laden and there is no Al Qaeda and, people… you are being played. You seem to want to be played.

I’ll tell you this about President Obama. If he doesn’t call for a new and thorough investigation into 9/11 then he’s a puppet on a string. Do yourself a favor and read these links. Go to the search engine of your choice and insert the relevant words and look at the sheer weight of argument and evidence. For 9/11 you can start here. I’ve given you plenty to read and there is more than you can ever absorb out there. Yes, some of it is wack and some of it is intentional disinfo masquerading as truther-speak but around six million tons of it is from legitimate sources who, more often than not, come to the same conclusions when they’re not too chickenshit to stand for or reveal the truth.

Now there are a lot of so-called liberal sites out there like Huffington Post and Daily Kos and there are a lot of so called, courageous deep thinkers and journalists who are disinfo tools like Noam Chomsky and Greg Palast who damn well know what the truth is and slither all around it like horny centipedes and who do tell the truth about a lot of other things so as to make you think they’re telling the truth about everything… which they are not. These sites and personas are just another part of the scam that utilizes confusion and misdirection as instruments of control.

There are some really fine bloggers out there and some of them are more gifted and articulate than anyone writing in the Main Stream Media; more in possession of the facts and much more interesting to read than the ranks of paid whores who write drivel with all the romantic passion and capacity of an old drunk on a park bench trying to chat up an invisible bag lady. You don’t see these bloggers anywhere near the high traffic zones. You see and hear people telling the truth about as often as you see a corporation play by the rules. This seems to de-legitimize the truth as if its lack of presence and popularity were the result of the truth being undesirable or lacking enough interest to entertain the common mind.

The truth doesn’t have pricey press agents or deep pocket sponsors. The truth doesn’t have conventions and corporate retreats. The truth doesn’t have a babe on each arm and a limousine at the curb, therefore the truth isn’t successful and heeled and so there must be something wrong with the truth because it doesn’t seem to have many powerful friends and hasn’t been on Larry King or Leno lately.

In the Hindu tradition, Lord Shiva represents the truth. Very often Shiva is not invited to weddings and celebrations because he’s considered bad luck. Shiva is also known as The Destroyer (of what is not real). The truth is death on illusion and because people prefer illusion to the truth, the truth is not welcome. Well, sooner or later the truth shows up whether it is welcome or not and that’s no fun at all. It’s much better to keep the truth close and to run after the truth and constantly alter your course to follow the truth than to tell yourself the good times are never going to end.

I realize that saying things like this makes people’s eyes cross or gives them an itch in the back or one in the crotch while they’re standing in line at the supermarket checkout. I realize that when you mention the truth, fundie antennas go up and you get a lot of people yelling that Jesus, or Mohamed or Ron Hubbard is the truth. I realize when you talk about the truth the first thing people do is to seek to accommodate the truth to their own self-interest. I realize this and it could well seem that the truth is a sucker’s game and a waste of time and a magnet for bad vibrations. I guess some of us are just made different. I would feel so uneasy buying into a lie that I wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep.

From my point of view, you might as well kill yourself now if the truth is an inconvenience because you have already killed everything that made you valuable and life meaningful when you turned your back on what was real in the service of your ambitions and your appetites. The world of material excess is just the place for you but I will tell you this. It’s a cruel world. It is a very cruel world and there is no hiding place. No matter where you go and no matter what you do and no matter how alone you think you are or how little evidence of your actions and presence may remain, the truth is, you were always there. You witnessed it even if no one else did.

What goes around comes around. What you do and what you are comes back on you and defines you. It’s some mysterious law of Nature or something. You may not understand how and why electricity works but you can see that it does. Everyone’s face becomes a road map for where they’ve been and what they’ve done. For some reason, people believe that if they don’t cut and hack their way through the jungle of each other that they won’t survive or that they will miss out on the good things in life. It never occurs to them that when they behave like a beast they become a beast and are in no position to enjoy the good things in life or even to know what they are.

Bin Laden is DEAD! There IS NO Al Qaeda as you understand it. There is no mysterious Spectre organization of Arab terrorists with a cutting edge communications network with centers in every city in the world. There is no organization like that. The organizations that are like that should be self-evident. Think about who has the means and the motive. Think about who benefits. Open your eyes or continue to victimize yourself with your refusal to see what is right in front of you. As Sherlock said, “When you have eliminated the impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

An Embarrassment Of Laundry Lists

I've been feeling a bit embarrassed at the sudden proliferation of laundry lists in the wake of the election: open "Dear Santa" letters to our new president-elect, from people who ought to know better. It's as if they had never seen politics before.

You can read the whole thing here, and/or comment below:

Rhymes With 'Democracy', Starts With An 'H'

Rhymes With 'Democracy', Starts With An 'H': NYT Laughs About One Hoax While Perpetrating Others

They're putting out ridiculous manure, selling millions of copies, and making a living; we're telling the truth whenever we can find it, for free, and counting our readers in the hundreds.

Maybe that's why the NYT laughs at the blogosphere!

You can read the whole thing here and/or comment below

Pass The Cheese: Iraqi Soldier Kills Two American Soldiers

An Iraqi soldier shot and killed two American soldiers and wounded several others yesterday on the outskirts of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, according to various sources. Details are sketchy, except in Australia.

You can read the rest here, and/or comment below.

Down and Out and Me

In comments and email over the years, my readers have mentioned Chris Floyd and Arthur Silber far more frequently than any other writers. And they've done so very favorably.

It's not hard to see what people like about Chris and Arthur; for me it's tougher to see why I'm mentioned in the same breath as either of them, let alone both. Such is life on the net these days -- who am I to argue? But for those who prefer to read the three of us, there hasn't been much going on lately.

Arthur Silber is having all sorts of problems, including very bad health, and he's down at the moment; he may be down for a while. Arthur writes with a unique and very powerful voice, and the blogosphere is far less interesting when he's not writing. I disagree with him on some things, but I agree with him more often than not. I have great respect for Arthur Silber and his work, and I wish him well. Arthur needs money and he may need technical assistance too; if you can help him, I urge you to do so. And even if you can't offer him any help, please spend some time reading at his site, Once Upon A Time. It's an essential education you can't get anywhere else.

Chris Floyd has been away for almost a week and will be entirely offline for another few days at least, according to a smidgeon of back-channel correspondence. Chris and I have become friends in the virtual way of the net, and that makes it tough for me to be objective. But on the other hand, even before we had exchanged a single word, I was saying Chris Floyd was the most literate truth-teller writing in the English language, and since then my respect for him has only increased. If you're not reading Empire Burlesque regularly, you're missing out on another essential education you can't get anywhere else. And even when Chris is out, as he has been lately, the archives are well worth the price of admission (and then some!)

Then there's me. I've been extremely busy lately, so much so that I've had to go offline myself, and now I'm pushing some limits in order not to have all three of our blogs dormant at the same time. Not that it matters much, I suppose, in the long run. But it sure seems dull when Arthur and Chris are Down and Out, respectively. I wouldn't want to be Off at the same time.

I'm not sure how much more blogging I will be able to do before reality gobbles me up. And in this case the reality is: Add up the number of hours a day I spend working, looking after the kids, washing the dishes, taking out the garbage, and doing all the other things that have to be done; now add the number of hours a day I spend reading and writing (when my blog is active). Here's the problem: we're already past 24, and I haven't even slept yet. So, as a matter of biological necessity, I can't go on like this much longer without a time machine. And as everybody knows, time machines are [poof!]


Oops! sorry about that! As I was about to say, the machine is kinda wonky.

Anyway, here's the plan: every day, around midnight, I'll stop what I'm doing and hit the net, spend four or five hours reading, and then I'll spend three or four hours writing a piece. Then I'll post it, get in the time machine, go back about 8 or 10 hours, grab a midnight snack and a quick shower, and go to bed. When I wake up, my piece will just be hitting the net, and it'll be time to get ready for another day's work, after which I will read, write, time-travel, eat, sleep, and do it all again. So that's the plan.

You got that? Good.

Take good care, and I'll see you again yesterday.

Beyond Sick: Canada Mourns A Fallen Psycho Warrior

The American way of war has come to Canada, and it's incredible what a dose of manure can do, even in the cold!

Here's a case study in the process by which a government can take a menace to society, put him in a uniform, and ship him halfway around the world where he can be a menace to some other society until he gets himself killed there and comes home a national hero.

You can read the rest here and/or comment below.

Come, Let Us Celebrate Our Monsters

Ninety years ago today, on November 11, 1918, World War I finally ended.

Of course it wasn't called that at the time; it was called The Great War.

How could anyone have known it would be the first of many?

You can read the rest here, and/or comment below.

Chris Floyd vs. the Lost Planet Obamanauts

Chris Floyd is one of those few journalists whose work is usually too good for journalism. In a profession that boasts of comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable, the things Floyd writes afflict everybody -- journalists included -- and journalism, therefore, doesn't seem to like Chris Floyd very much.

Your typical Chris Floyd essay doesn't merely inform by asking and answering questions about the subject: it demands that readers examine themselves. Floyd's ironies are prickly at both ends; his questions are double-edged. People get stabbed and cut reading Floyd, which is why -- I think -- Chris Floyd's essays draw an audience of only one-to-four thousand readers from an English-speaking Internet population that must number some two billion people. No matter who you are or what you believe, it takes guts to read Chris Floyd.

So it is with one of Mr. Floyd's latest efforts. Titled WIBDI: A Prism for the New Paradigm, this one is a 1400-word smart bomb aimed at the mob of self-styled 'dissidents' who came to themselves during the regime of George W. Bush and now, having given their all to Barack Obama, expect jobs and many other great things from him. Floyd writes:

As the United States enters a new and unprecedented political era -- or, as killjoy cynics would have it, as the American empire gets a new set of temporary managers -- the fate of the "dissident" movement that arose under the Bush Regime seems occluded. So many of those who set out their stalls as bold outsiders "speaking truth to power" now find themselves on the inside, enthralled by power, speaking for power, as it is personified by President-elect Barack Obama -- who, ironically, has consistently repudiated many of the tenets and principles that provoked the dissidents' outrage in the first place.

I have always disliked this phrase "speaking truth to power" (although I'm sure I've lazily employed it myself on several occasions). No one needs to speak truth to power: power knows the truth well enough, it knows what it is doing, and to whom, and why. What we need, most desperately, are people who will speak truth about power, and speak it to people who might not have heard that truth through the howling cacophony of media diversion, corporate spin and political manipulation.

So for those of dissident bent who would still like to speak truth about power -- and who are not sending their CVs to the Obama transition team or signing on as happy warriors to defend the new imperial managers from revenge attacks by bitter partisans of the ousted faction -- the question of how best to comport oneself in this brave new world takes on some urgency. In this regard, we would like to suggest the following conceptual framework for analyzing and understanding the moral, ethical, social, economic and legal implications of the policies and actions of the coming administration. (And it even comes with its own handy acronym!):

"WIBDI: What If Bush Did It?"

This user-friendly analytical tool provides a quick and easy way of determining the value of any given [Obama] policy while correcting one's perception for partisan bias. Simply take a particular action or proposal and submit it to the WIBDI test: If Bush did this, would you think it was OK? Or would you condemn it as the act of a warmonger, or a tyrant, or a corrupt corporate tool, etc.?

Of course Floyd knows most readers won't actually do as he asks. Tens of millions of people will not, suddenly, wax morally and politically sentient. 'Progressive' Americans are not going to turn on Obama and his Democrats and call their straw heroes to account for the things the 'heroes' have done and said (or not done and not said, as the case may be). There will be no mass demonstrations demanding an end to the wars in Central Asia. No angry horde will march on Washington to compel the repeal of the USA Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act, an end to government prying into Americans' private lives, the depoliticization of our justice system, and the prosecution for treason of George W. Bush and his hatchet-men. No outraged, 'progressive' mob will humble corrupt leadership and force a return to constitutional government and the rule of law. None of those things will happen because, to cite the old saw, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

None of the odious things that George W. Bush has done could have been done without Democratic cowardice and complicity. Had Democrats insisted on a rigorous, public investigation into events surrounding 9/11 and the onset of the Iraq War, the bulk of the Bush presidency would never have happened because any rigorous, public investigation would have ended in the impeachment of George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney. Democrats voted "YEA!" on the USA Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and a long list of other perverse, Bush/Cheney initiatives. Democrats laid supine while Bush virtually shredded the U.S. Constitution and nullified, with signing statements, every piece of legislation for which he felt the vaguest distaste.

Speaking of Barack Hussein Obama, who was initially against the war in Iraq: by the end of Campaign '08, Obama had so changed his position on Iraq that he could have served as John McCain's running mate. Along with McCain, Obama went to Washington and stumped for Hank Paulson's widely despised and obviously corrupt $700 billion, Wall-Street bailout package. Obama stood with McCain -- and with Pelosi, Reid, and the whole herd of hypocrite swine who lead the purportedly 'progressive' Democratic congressional caucus -- stood on the stump and told the American people that they had done us all a huge favor; that the bailout was a thing the nation couldn't live without; that they shoved the swindle six feet up our collective ass because they knew the experience would be good for us -- a thing, they evidently suppose, that we ourselves are too stupid to realize.

The facts about Obama and his 'progressive' Democrats are rationally indisputable. They are in the public record of the last eight years. Most Americans over the age of 20 probably learned of them as they happened. Thoughtful people are taken aback, therefore, when they see the 'progressive blogosphere' awash in rhetorical swill: Obama is great; Obama is good; Obama is God's gift to Western Civilization; Obama will save us from the evil Bushmen; Obama will do this or fix that or make (plug in your pet peeve here) right again.

That crap wouldn't be so disgusting if we only heard it from rabid, rank-and-file Democrat partisans. It's the kind of stuff one expects from such as them. But when supposedly intelligent people like Naomi Klein start spouting the same sort of deluded gibberish, it's time to call for a reality check.

In an essay posted on Alternet, Klein asks: Can Obama Stop the Bush Administration's Final Economic Heist? She answers the question this way: Maybe Obama can stop it, but only:

". . . .if the remarkable grassroots movement that carried him to victory can somehow stay energized, networked, mobilized -- and most of all, critical. Now that the election has been won, this movement's new missions should be clear: loudly holding Obama to his campaign promises, and letting the Democrats know that there will be consequences for betrayal."

"There will be consequences for betrayal?" Since when? Democrats betrayed their constituency even before Election '06 handed them a majority in the House of Representatives. Of the people who coordinated that betrayal, Speaker Nancy Pelosi won reelection in '08 by a huge margin. Here in Iowa, Pelosi's lapdog congressmen all won reelection handily. Sen. Tom Harkin, who voted for the bailout, easily won reelection. One of Pelosi's personal political goons, IL. Rep. Rahm Emanuel, was named White House chief of staff by Obama on Nov. 5 -- the day after Obama won the presidency. And Obama himself -- even though he touted the bailout at a time when public opinion was running about a hundred-to-one against the legislation -- beat all third-party candidates by a stupendous margin. So I think Naomi Klein will have to find a way to pardon Obama (I'm sure it won't be difficult) when she finds he is not terrified by her threats of reprisal.

About the idea of forcing Obama to keep his campaign promises, I have two questions:

1) Promises to who? I'm sure Obama promised his Wall Street supporters that he would work for a bailout, and I'm sure he delivered. Does Klein suppose the president-elect will now reverse himself and fight tooth-and-nail to have the bailout legislation repealed? Any such move would make our new president a lot of friends -- both in Wall Street and in Congress -- as Klein should know perfectly well. So just for my own self, I suppose Klein had better quit smokin' dat nasty shit.

2) What promise did Obama ever make to us, the people? I recall he promised "hope" and "change". Speaking just for myself again, I've been hoping for political change every year since Ronald Reagan first got elected, and I've never been disappointed. Every year for the last 28 years, things have changed for the worse. Every year, the changes were helped along by 'progressive' Democrats, and I expect Obama and his 'progressives' will continue in that grand tradition.

Still, "hope" and "change" are good ideas, I think. So maybe Naomi Klein and her grassroots 'progressives' can persuade President Obama to have 'progressives' in Congress emend the Declaration of Independence. The new version should read: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, and the Hope for Change."

I'll drink to that.

Whatever President Obama does or doesn't do, the Obama presidency is a wormy apple: its bane already gnaws at its vitals. The fatuous mob who sent him to the White House and now sing his praises will almost certainly howl for his head within two years because Obama is not what they think he is and -- even if he were -- the things Obama is bound to do if he honestly tries to save the nation will cause us, the people, as much pain as would the things his rich sponsors want him to do for them at our expense.

I don't now believe Obama is what he puts on to be and I don't now believe he has the best interests of our country at heart. I do believe he will spend his huge mandate taking care of his rich friends. Still, I am open to persuasion, for I'm conscious that I was wrong when I argued that Obama could never win the presidency. I was wrong about America when I once wrote that there will never be a president of the United States named 'Barack Hussein Obama'.

Knowing I've been twice wrong about him, I wish Obama the best because the United States of America are in dire straits. We need a leader in the White House who is wise and just and strong. So if, by and by, President Obama convinces me that what he's about is all for the good of the country, I will support him in whatever he does no matter how much it hurts.

If the mess we're in hurts you, too, then get on over to Chris Floyd's place and treat yourself to a little rhetorical iodine. It stings like hell but you feel better afterwords, and you won't get bullshit all over your clothes.

Obama's Promise: Change You Can Wait For!

Barack Obama, the most "transformative figure" who has floated to the top of our national cesspool in more than two generations, continues to show his hand, and it is not attractive -- or surprising.

The support it's been getting from the donkey party insiders is even less attractive, and less surprising. None of this is a surprise at all, except, apparently, to the vast majority of the allegedly dissident political bloggers of the supposedly angry somewhat left, who have a rude awakening ahead of them (if they ever wake up at all).

In other words, the bells of change are tolling, but they aren't tolling for you.

They're tolling against you.

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Watching The Defectives

... it's so cute ...

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Obama "Wins"

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