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Deep State Strikes Back: The Intel Community Launches Wave of Propaganda Targeting North Korea, Assad, Russia… and POTUS

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 07:42

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: John Podesta was hired by the CIA’s Washington Post in Feb. of 2017.

UPDATE: New York Times says Israel was the ally who’s intel on “ISIS” was handed over to Russia. I wonder if that intel was that Israel RUNS “ISIS” (Israeli Secret Intelligence Services)

Information on three events was released in the past couple of days by unnamed “sources” (or Deep State agents) seeking to ratchet up conflicts across the globe and to undermine the confidence the people of this country has in their current president.

  1. North Korea linked to “Wanna Cry” virus
  2. Assad supposedly cremating bodies in same style as Nazis
  3. Trump shares info with Russians on “ISIS” methods

We will break down the weakness of the various claims in a minute, but as I have often said, nothing happens in a vacuum and if you want to understand what is really going on, you have to consider other current events. Such as:

The Deep State is in crisis mode and for good reason. The question is… how far are these wounded animals willing to go to reestablish their loosening grip on the New World Order they covet so dearly?

A new president in South Korea seeks to normalize relations with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and is meeting with China, the powerhouse in the region, to determine a path forward toward that end. They are also going to discuss South Korea’s acceptance or denial of our THAAD missile defense system which not only threatens China but also stands to make considerable profits for various MIC businesses.

In Syria the tide has turned and the CIA’s “moderate” terrorist destabilization contractors are heading for the hills leaving the regime change project unfinished. Russia and Syria control the skies and the Syrian army is making it’s way eastward toward the next goal which is to drive out “ISIS” once and for all and retake areas east of the river, areas the Deep State has promised to the Kurds for their Greater Kurdistan project. Perhaps even more importantly, these “moderates” in the west of the country were the ones looking to finally secure the Golan Heights for Israel once and for all. With their departure, the Syrian military moves to secure their border and solidify their claim on the occupied territory. That threatens the water rights and other natural resources the Israelis coveted.

Russia is flexing it’s muscles across the globe. They are setting up deals with China and the other BRICS nations to strengthen their global economic interests and that is aided, in no small part by their apparent victory in Syria and the deal they finished making with Turkey on the Turkish Stream pipeline. That deal will open up markets to Russia’s energy sector across Europe, cutting out our companies.

In short, the competition on the Grand Chessboard has taken a decidedly bad turn for our “national interests” and in a desperation move, seems like they are opening up with the Rabid Dog gambit.

Over at Moon of Alabama, he has laid out the weakness of all three of these latest propaganda lines with considerable accuracy and brevity. I couldn’t possibly improve on his review so I will share with you his main points:

1. The Wall Street Journal asserts with a #fakenews headline that bits of computer-code in the recent WannaCry ransom virus are identical with bits of computer code that was allegedly used in a 2014 hack of Sony. (The Sony attack was falsely attributed to North Korea.)…

2. Back in February Amnesty International (which promotes NATO interventions) issued a shoddy report about alleged killings in Syrian prisons… The U.S. State Department now reused that fake report and adds false interpreteted satellite pics to further slander the Syrian government…

3. The deep state is out to get U.S. President Trump impeached. Yesterday a new, well prepared and coordinated campaign against Trump was launched. Anonymous claims to the Washington Post were “confirmed” by similar claims from (likely) the same sources to Buzzfeed. The claims may have some grounds in reality but the actual facts, even as described in shrill words, are harmless…

The Wanna Cry ransom virus originally targeted nationalized industries in Europe as well as the National Health Services of various nations. Then it targeted Chinese businesses. Does anyone actually think North Korea has it in for socialized institutions and Chinese businesses? Also, it takes advantage of known weaknesses in Microsoft’s old operating systems… almost AS IF someone wanted to hurt nationalized institutions and simultaneously get them to upgrade to Windows 10, which basically takes every piece of info on systems that use it and sends it up to “the cloud” where it becomes the property of Microsoft (thanks to “Snowden”, the Freedom Act and CISA)

If you recall, I covered the BS story about “death camps” in Syria when it first came out. It was bullshit, made up by insiders who claim all sorts of torture and mass killings by the Syrian government and they even had a nifty 3d model video produced in record time to support the propaganda in real time. It was so stupid, they said Assad was killing all the prisoners associated with the “rebels”… yet the entire story came from “rebels” who were sentenced to serve time there… AND WERE RELEASED UNHARMED…Now they’ve simply dusted off that old chestnut of bullshit and repackaged it for consumption again.

With regard to the Trump story, this one is even dumber.

The story was put out by the Washington Post which has been the main outlet of CIA propaganda since Jeff Bezos bought it and since Jeff got that $600,000,000.00 contract with the CIA to process their secrets and apparently publish their lies.

Right now, just recently, the Washington Post has published three articles in an effort to do the Deep State’s bidding:

They are beside themselves running their Trump Destabilization Program over at WaPo… and so to are the lemming Mockingbirds over at places like Morning Joe who are simply livid right now calling for republicans to impeach Trump before the world comes to an end.

And what is it all over?

According to anonymous sources, Trump supposedly told Lavrov that they had info on “ISIS” possibly using laptop computers as bombs on airliners and he mentioned what city in Syria they were supposedly preparing such Weapons of Mass Hypnosis.

That’s it.

McMaster says the story is false. He was in the room for the discussion as was Tillerson, who also says the story is false. It should be noted, Tillerson put the smack-down on war-monger John McCain Sunday, saying he “didn’t know what he was talking about

Everyone is saying Trump has done something unforgivable by sharing “intel” with the enemy.

I’m sorry… I thought we were at war with “ISIS” and Russia is also at war with “ISIS”… so how does that make Trump sharing intel with them about “ISIS” an act of treason?

Also, what they claim is that it will somehow tip-off “ISIS” allowing them to figure out who on the inside gave them that info… but of course, were it not for the Washington Post article, “ISIS” would never have known Trump told anything to Russia…

… so… what am I missing here?

Who’s really doing the damage? Russia is blowing “ISIS” off the map… we have troops stationed with the Kurds WHO KEEP LETTING “ISIS” GO WHEN THEY GOT THEM CORNERED


Makes you think don’t it?

Everyone is breathlessly ranting about how Trump is trying to work with Russia to resolve this conflict, as is seen right there in the Washington Post article.

Everyone says this proves Trump is in collusion with Russia… and they say that in an attempt to justify his removal from office.

Did everyone’s IQ suddenly drop 20 points?

The FIRST administration to try to work with Russia to put an end to the Syrian conflict was run by a couple guys named Obama and Kerry. Remember that? They signed a deal with Russia that if a ceasefire held for 8 DAYS then they would share all their military intel on “ISIS” with the Russians so they could wipe em off the map once and for all.

Of course, the Pentagon “accidentally” attacked the Syrian army on the 6th DAY and on the 8th DAY (after that didn’t scuttle the deal) the CIA got their “moderate” terrorists to attack a UN aid convoy outside of eastern Aleppo.

Anybody remember that? No? Well read this:

The Eighth day: Pentagon Warmongers Torpedoed Cease-fire Deal Rather Than Give Up “ISIS” Info to Syrians and Russians as per the Agreement

It was well known that Clinton was far more aggressive in terms of foreign policy than Obama was and certainly more than Trump was.

The Hawk on Russia Policy? Hillary Clinton, Not Donald Trump

She herself admitted she practically had to beg Obama to let her regime change Libya through humanitarian bombing campaigns.

The Libya Gamble: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Push for War & the Making of a Failed State

Clinton was well known to be extremely hawkish when it comes to Russia and restarting the Cold War.

Hillary Clinton: Candidate of war – New Cold War: Ukraine and Beyond

The Deep State spied on the Trump campaign in an effort to influence our democratic process and put Hillary in charge.

British spies were first to spot Trump team’s links with Russia

Trump, Tillerson and Haley announced their decision to let the Syrian people decide the fate of Basar al Assad one day… then the Deep State got their “moderate” terrorists to stage a chemical weapons attack in order to thwart that chance for peace.

The Invalid Assumption at the Core of the White House’s “Declassified Intelligence Report” on the Attack on Khan Sheikhoun

And the Deep State thwarted Obama’s plans that would have helped scale back the conflict between us and Russia and bring a peaceful ending to the 6 years of bloody regime change in Syria (started by Clinton by the way)

And now this.

Someone recently said if you even mention the Deep State anymore the thought-police in the media and their armies of trolls on social media will attack you mercilessly. I think it was Debbie over at Sane Progressive who made that observation. And she’s absolutely right.

The reason for that is simple. It’s like what happens when you dare to write there is a class war already underway.

The Deep State doesn’t want anyone to know the treason they are engaged in. That’s why they don’t want folks talking about it. You’re not going to hear anything about all of this from the fake-left “alternative” journalists and you wont hear it from the corporate MSM either. That’s because they know better and have careers to protect.

I, however, suffer from neither of those crippling deficiencies. Apparently I am too stupid to forget what is better for me to forget… and I certainly don’t have a career to worry about.

The Deep State is in crisis mode. They are animals and like any other creatures of the night, they are vastly more dangerous when wounded. Just ask JFK, the Syrian soldiers they killed “by accident” or the drivers of those UN aid convoy trucks.

It’s very disturbing that we start off this week like this. Trump is about to venture overseas to places where he is going to be dependent on our intelligence services for protection. Kinda like Kennedy going to Dallas. Let’s hope the Duke of Orange doesn’t like convertibles.

UPDATE: While writing this, Trump issued a Tweet that goes to show exactly what I am talking about and exactly why he’s being attacked by the Deep State:

UPDATE: I want to make this clear: I did not vote for this president nor do I support his neoliberal economic policies. I believe his reactionary Reaganomics ideas will cripple the lives and standard of living for millions of Americans and I oppose them and his overall economic agenda. That said, I cannot sit here and keep silent when the Deep State is deliberately undermining his administration… LIKE THEY DID THE PREVIOUS ONE… in pursuit of their own foreign policy agenda. My ideology is to the left of folks like Bernie Sanders and I absolutely oppose much of what Trump stands for but I also oppose letting the CIA and others dictate their demands through various means on the elected president of the United States. Especially when those means include the use of terrorists, disinformation, fear-mongering and their Mockingbird destabilization assets like those working at Morning Joe and the Washington Post.


Bernie Sanders Losing Trust Among Progressive Supporters (Tim Black video)

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 14:13

Tim Black talks about coming to understand Bernie Sanders has some explaining to do and we ain’t got time to listen anymore. Good stuff.

“Bernie is on the right side of issues that matter”


Monsanto Employing Troll Army To Silence Online Dissent?

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 10:39


Graham: We can’t go forward as a nation ‘until we punish Russia’

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 10:23

(Neocon war-monger Lindsey Graham channels fake progressive New McCarthyite Rachel Maddow calling for Trump to “punish” Russia for doing NOTHING. Says they didn’t change outcome of election but “they tried’ so they must be punished. And like Hillary and Madcow, he doesn’t need any stinking proof. What Russia did actually do is start the last stage of the Turkish Stream pipeline and prevent us, so far, from regime changing Turkey. THAT is what Russia did and THAT is why Clinton, Graham and Maddow want blood.)

from The Hill

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday said the Russians need to be punished for their meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

“I do not believe we can go forward as a nation until we punish Russia,” he said during an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”

Graham said he does not need additional proof to confirm that Moscow attempted to hack the election.

“I’m 1,000 percent certain that the Russians interfered in our election,” he said.

“They did try to undercut Clinton. I don’t think they changed the outcome,” he said of the presidential vote that put President Trump in office. “Russia didn’t change the outcome of the election but they sure as hell tried and I want to punish the Russians and I hope the president will see their interference as a threat to our democracy.”

Graham said he has bipartisan support for sanctions against Russia for interfering in the presidential election.

“And my goal is to put it on the president’s desk and I hope he would embrace it,” he said…

[read more here]


Neoliberal Silicon Valley Owned Rep. Rohit Khanna (D-CA) is the New “Alternative” Pied Piper of the Corporate Left

Sun, 05/14/2017 - 07:13

by Scott Creighton

When Rohit “Ro” Khanna (D-CA 17th) recently popped onto the alternative left scene, it was at a Jimmy Dore live show. Jimmy later said “Ro” flew there that day specifically to attend the event. When he was called up on stage there was already a chair and a mic waiting for him. He sat next to the comedians and the show went on with Jimmy making sure to include him in the political discussion every now and then.

That video was posted on April 27th 2017.

On May 10th, Cenk Uygur couldn’t contain his glee when he had Ro on his show and asked him if he knew what “Justice Democrats” were. Cenk said the JDs were the “strong, progressive democrats who couldn’t be corrupted by corporate and PAC money”. Ro was there to announce he was joining the fledgling political sub-party owned and operated by Cenk Uygur (of Young Turks network) and Kyle Kulinski (of Secular Talk)

Rohit is being billed as an anti-corporatism Democrat who they say wants to shake-up the system and get the old cronies out of office so he can help rebuild the Democrat Party into something that represents the workers again. He speaks the right language, he knows the right buzz-words. He’s young, he’s a minority (which is a requirement these days on the left apparently) and he’s already won a seat in the House of Representatives so he’s not starting off from scratch.

But there is something slightly off about “Ro” and you can’t quite put your finger on it when you see him live like at the Jimmy Dore Show rollout they did with this Cenk Uygur branding program.

You don’t really know what it is but something tells you… you’ve seen this movie before. You saw it in ’92 then you saw the remake in 2008.

Then it hits you. You dig a little deeper than the folks at the Young Turks network (and that includes Jimmy Dore who is also on Cenk’s payroll by the way) want you to and you find Rohit Khanna isn’t the knight in shining progressiveness that you were told he was. In fact, he’s nothing like that at all.

Then you remember “I did see this movie before and I hated it the first time, walked out in the middle of the second and now here we are and I’m not even going to pay the price of admission.”

What do they think we are? Stupid?

In a word… yes.

Ro Khanna is a fraud and I’m going to prove it to you once and for all.

1. The Justice Dems are nothing more than a sheep-dogging for-profit project.

The “Justice Democrats” is merely a vehicle designed to keep the flock from straying away from the corrupt unDemocratic Party. There is a lot of money floating around right now in service to that particular mission statement and anyone offering to do the job is sure to get piles of money from all sorts of interested parties if they can reasonably convince the party establishment that they can deliver the unwashed masses back into the fold.

Cenk Uygur is a former republican (like Hillary Clinton for example). He went to Wharton business school (same as Donald Trump). He was pro-life, anti-affirmative action, opposed feminism and wrote repeatedly that the Armenian genocide didn’t constitute genocide. Some time after 1999 he claims he started turning “progressive” He later said it was the illegal invasion of Iraq that did it.

In 2014 a Republican  politician and businessman gave Uygur $4,000,000 to expand his reach with his “progressive” YT network. In April of 2014, Buddy Roemer pumped that lump sum of cash into Cenk’s “progressive” network and promised he would give him another 4 mil if he needed it. That’s a whole bunch of cash for a Youtube and internet radio show network.

Buddy Roemer was a fake Democrat before he become a Republican. Did you know that? Once the gig was up and everyone was on to his trick, he had to switch party affiliation to Republican.

In Congress, Roemer frequently supported Ronald Reagan‘s policy initiatives and fought with the Democratic congressional leadership,[13] though he remained in the party. He also criticized then Democratic House leader Tip O’Neill of Massachusetts for being “too liberal”…”

Buddy was one of the first neoliberal centrist Dems. In short, he was a Republican pretending to be a Democrat, like many we see now in politics.

Kinda like Cenk Uygur.

The Justice Dems right now have a total of 3 candidates. “Ro” is one of them, he’s their prize acquisition because he raises so much money from the corporations in Silicon Valley and from Indian businessmen hoping to get a payback. More on that later.

The other two are Cori Bush and Paula Swearengin.

Their official websites are carbon copies of each other. Looks like something a corporate tool would do. Cori is a nurse and ordained minister. Paula’s claim to fame is that she is a “coal miner’s daughter”, got her hair cut on the steps of the West Virginia capitol building protesting mountaintop removal strip mining and she once had a short interaction with a politician at a rally that was put on Youtube.

They both claim to be “fighters” on their webpages. They will both lose. I don’t even know if Paula has ever had a job. It doesn’t list one, much less a career, on her website.

They will lose because closeted Republicans pretending to be Democrats like Cenk Uygur, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi et al would rather keep a corporate Democrat in power than see a real candidate with a real shot at beating them primary them in the next election. And if they do beat their neoliberal buddies, then they would certainly rather see a Republican beat them than let them get in congress.

Unfortunately these two fine women don’t seem to understand how this works. They are being used by Mr. Uygur and Mr. Kulinski as credibility boosters. But they will lose and their benefactors know it. In fact, they are counting on it.

Let me just say this as well… you aren’t going to vote your way out of this. Especially by voting for one party or the other in our One Party System, the Business Party or the Washington Consensus.

Black box voting is a sham. We saw that in the case of Alvin Greene in South Carolina. We saw it in presidential elections in the past. We saw it during the Democrat Primary in 2016. Election fraud is real and it is taking place right here right now in the U.S. That’s why so many countries don’t allow these electronic voting machines to be used in their elections and why we have to stop using them here.

That said… let’s move on.

(I’m sorry Cori and Paula. You wont win because even those supposedly on your side don’t want you to win. You’re part of a dog and pony show and I am sorry as I can be to tell you that, but you are.)

2. Follow the corporate money all the way to “Ro’s” pockets

Here’s the big product pitch for the Justice Dems:

“Democrats that represent people, not corporations”

“Ro” is supposedly a candidate that refuses to take super PAC and corporate money. But it takes it all the time. In fact, he bundled a ton of cash to win California’s 17th district election last year.

Compare where his money came from to that of his opponent’s, Mike Honda:

American Federation of Teachers $15,000 Acorn Campus Ventures $13,300 Alphabet Inc $12,700 AmeriPAC: The Fund for a Greater America $12,700 Pacific American Fish Co $12,400 Cherokee Nation $10,600 National Assn of Realtors $10,500 Lee, Hong et al $10,400 Communications Workers of America $10,375

Now “Ro’s” top 9:

Alphabet Inc $89,370 Wilson, Sonsini et al $31,551 Blackstone Group $29,300 Sutter Hill Ventures $28,000 $27,250 Kleiner, Perkins et al $26,300 Morgan Stanley $22,300 Contextmedia $21,600 Inventus Capital $21,600

Let’s look at where their money came from in terms of individuals donating and which industry they work in.

“Ro” Khanna took over $700,000 from the Securities and Investments industry. That was his top industry.

Mike got $238,000 from retired people and $138,000 from people working in the “human rights” sector. Combined that makes up about half of what “Ro” got from Wall Street essentially.

Why is it you think so many Wall Street types felt the need to bundle up cash for “Ro”? Are they suddenly “progressive”?

Jimmy Dore did an extremely dishonest video the other day defending “Ro” and his promotion of this guy. In that video Jimmy said something like “sometimes these rich guys can be progressive you know. FDR was rich!”

So Jimmy thinks there are thousands of FDRs working in Wall Street these days just looking for a real progressive to take up their cause? Uh. No.

Critics of anyone calling out this “Ro” guy say these are individual donations and that these people “just happen” to work in those sectors in the 17th district. That doesn’t work either. Look at the spread of the numbers above. That’s not a happenstance. Statistically speaking, that’s a clear pattern. Big business and Wall Street prefer “Ro” over Mike and trade unions prefer Mike over “Ro”

Other apologists for “Ro” point to the fact that Alphabet gave Bernie Sanders $300,000+ in last year’s campaign. They say “see? Bernie took it to so that means it’s not bribery”

Yeah, but Alphabet (Google’s parent company) gave Hillary over 1.5 million compared to that and what exactly did Bernie do? He sheepdogged real progressives back into the fold and when Hillary stole the nomination from him… he campaigned for her… almost like he was bought and paid for… right?

Oh yeah… and he went out and bought a $600,000 lakeside log cabin in the woods.

In the end, “Ro” raised something like 5 million dollars to run for a job that pays $174,000 per year. The VAST majority of that came from bundlers with ties to Big Business in Sillicon Valley and the financial sector who I am sure gave up all that money because they want too see free college and Medicare for All handed out to the general public.

(This is the part where I am rolling my eyes)

It is well known that “Ro” is bought and paid for. This is NOT news.

He was one of “Wall Street’s fab five: House members, candidates most reliant on funding from finance industry” according to Open Secrets in June of 2016.

In Oct. of 2016, he was exposed at the Daily Kos as Wall Street’s and Silicon Valley’s puppet AND his campaign manager had to quit right before the election because he hacked Honda’s system and stole his donor list then used it to try to collect donations and get them to vote for “Ro” instead.

Going all the way back to Feb. of 2014, Pando said he was “owned” by Silicon Valley.

Libertarian Peter Thiel is a big supporter of “Ro” as is most of the monied class in Silicon Valley, according to Pando. Maybe that’s because “Ro” wants to let Silicon Valley ‘repatriate” all those profits they are hiding overseas for zero taxes just so long as they promise to invest some in jobs here in the states. We’re talking trillions maybe.

Maybe they like “Ro” because he’s not Mike Honda who the New York Times described as a ” liberal, pro-labor Democrat with a passion for civil rights” and which was extremely negative toward “Ro”

Truth be told, “Ro” is bought and paid for and the word has been out on this Silicon Valley/ Wall Street asset for a long time. This is nothing new.

It is odd that Cenk and the others at Justice Dems and Young Turks would have picked this guy to represent their “no corporate cash” product. He’s nothing but corporate cash, even if he gets it through the back door. Everyone knows it. Everyone except the desperate progressive YT fans I guess. What do they think? They’re stupid?

3. Rohit Khanna is a trained neoliberal

Rohit Khanna attended the University of Chicago where he received his degree in economics. The birthplace of American neoliberal ideology was the University of Chicago’s School of Economics. That’s where Milton Friedman taught. That’s where the Chicago Boys came from, the technocrats who decimated Chile after our little coup in 1973. Sept. 11th, 1973 to be more specific.

4. Rohit Khanna married well. Real well.

Rohit Khanna’s father in law, Monte Ahuja, has a business school named after him. He’s Republican of course.

5. Rohit Khanna fully supports Nancy Pelosi

These days in all these interviews, Ro Khanna keeps saying the DNC rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders and the corporate Dems have to go. He pretends that he’s out there to fight the establishment in the unDemocratic Party but I found a little Op Ed he wrote in late Nov. 2016… about 6 months ago… taking about Nancy Pelosi, the most corrupt, bought off unDemocratic Party member there is. Under her, nothing got done except more war and no one being held accountable and a Republican healthcare bill got passed under the name ObamaCare. All sorts of ‘compromises” were made to undermine Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and of course, the Dems went from holding both houses of congress AND the White House to losing all of it… BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T DO A THING THEY PROMISED WITH THAT ADVANTAGE.

Nancy Pelosi was the worst Speaker of the House in a long time and is the worst leader of this party… ever.

And yet… Mr. anti-establishment Khanna wrote of her… just 6 months ago:

“we must have Nancy Pelosi leading House Democrats in the hard fights ahead.

At the same time that Hillary Clinton lost the White House, because of Leader Pelosi’s tireless efforts, House Democrats won several key races..

…sniping about Nancy Pelosi’s age and undermining her leadership is not a strategy to protect hard-working families from Republicans’ destructive agenda or win back the House…

Today, we need her as House Democratic Leader more than ever before.” “Ro” Khanna

Pelosi the the congressional poster-child for what is wrong with the Democrat Party these days. She is a corporate Dem to the bone and she opposes progressive action at every turn.

And Cenk Uygur’s “CHANGE” candidate supports her continued leadership? That’s progress?

6. Rohit Khanna backs the White Helmets and the disinformation that Assad is a dictator

I can’t cover this one any better than Debbie did over at the Sane Progressive. I have to give her credit. She rants a bit but she is definitely on point when it comes to this guy being another fraud and Jimmy Dore selling out by endorsing him. With regard to his meeting the White Helmets leaders his spokesperson said”

“He met with representatives from the White Helmets to support their humanitarian efforts in Syria. The congressman updated his social media posts about the meeting to clarify his position.”

After his little photo op with the group and his praising of them in public, “Ro” got some pushback from real progressives and anti-war leftists like myself who let him know he was meeting with and endorsing a group who are aligned with al Qaeda and used to be called the Islamic State Fire Brigade. They are fully funded by the U.S. and Britain, created by a former British military officer and their purpose is to promote lies about the Assad government in an effort to promote war and regime change.

“Ro” quickly backtracked knowing full well he would need the real left if he intends to take his political career to the next level. He removed some Facebook posts and Tweets. Had to scrub his history as quickly as he could.

Over at the fake left Huffington Post, they tell the story slightly differently.

At the same time, Khanna said he does not support Gabbard’s January trip to meet with the Syrian dictator.

“I respect Congresswoman Gabbard’s desire for us not to militarily intervene, but I don’t think that we should be legitimizing Assad in any way, because he has committed, in my judgment, war crimes,” the congressman told HuffPost.

It’s a fine line he has to walk. He doesn’t wish to lose the real left because he saw what that did to Hillary Clinton in November. She lost to Donald Trump for God’s sake, perhaps the single worst candidate the right has run for president since… well, Mitt Romney and John McCain.

But he also doesn’t want to say the wrong thing and piss off the pro-war fake left.

Anyone promoting regime change in Syria is not a candidate the real left should ever support. Debbie gets that 100% right. They shouldn’t demonize journalists or politicians who actually go there and try to get a better understanding of what is happening just because the truth doesn’t fit the needs of those who demand regime change in Syria.

And let’s be honest… the ones who want regime change in Syria, the ones “Ro” is currently pandering to, are not INDIVIDUAL VOTERS… but corporate America and Big Banking. And that just goes further to prove who “Ro” actually works for.

7. Rohit Khanna not only supported the TPP and other fascist “free trade” deals… he may have had a hand in crafting them.

“Ro” changed his position on the TPP when it became fashionable for politicians to do so in spite of the fact that Barack Obama, then still president, was pushing as hard as he could to get the globalist deals done.

As soon as Obama took office in 2009, he jumped into pushing negotiations for the TPP and our representatives began meeting with reps from other countries and Big Business immediately.

If you recall, Rohit Khanna worked as United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce from Aug. 2009 til Sept. 2012 and he only left office so he could run for office himself.

For those of you who don’t know, the Commerce Department was heavily involved in the TPP negotiations. “Ro” was working under Rebeca Blank for most of his tenure. She is a proponent of the globalist trade deals.

Whether or not he was involved in the crafting of the deals themselves, he certainly was a supporter of them before he opposed them when it was fashionable to do so. Kinda like his support of the White Helmets.

8. “Ro” was first marketed to progressives by the same astroturf group Obama created to help sell the TPP

This is fascinating and very enlightening.

Cenk Uygur’s fake progressive political action committee (let’s face it, that is what it is) is not the first astroturf marketing campaign to promote “Ro” as some kind of progressive.

“Obama campaign alumni Mitch Stewart, the Battleground States Director for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, and Lydia Tran, the former National Press Secretary for Organizing for America, just launched a new astroturf campaign to promote the fast-track authority and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Their efforts will focus on Oregon and Washington at first because they are both export-heavy states–and because Ron Wyden (D-OR) is the top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee.

Their firm, 270 Strategies, is the Democratic-aligned PR firm behind Democrat-in-name-only Ro Khanna’s congressional campaign against Mike Honda (CA-17) and Educators for Excellence, a Gates-funded front group that advocates against teacher tenure and for teacher evaluation systems that rely on the use of standardized test scores.” People Demanding Action, March 2015

Look at that. They knew he was a ‘Democrat in name only’ way back in 2015… and here we are having to fight this same fight today as folks like Cenk Uygur and Jimmy Dore try to polish this turd and sell him again. Pretty sad right?

9. Rohit Khanna backs the “its the Russian’s fault” New McCarthyism bullshit

This one should obviously be a deal breaker for anyone considering who they will back for political office. Anyone that is actually a progressive that is. New McCartyites aren’t progressive. I don’t care if their name is Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or “Ro”

“The President’s decision to remove FBI Director James Comey raises serious questions about the independence of law enforcement. That is why I support a bipartisan, independent commission to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election. It is the only way we can restore trust in our democratic institutions. Now is the time for Congress to take action on the Protecting Our Democracy Act, a bill that has the support of the entire Democratic caucus. The bill would create a 12-member, bipartisan, independent commission empowered to interview witnesses, obtain documents, issue subpoenas, and receive public testimony to examine attempts by the Russian government and others to use electronic means to influence, interfere with, or sow distrust in last year’s U.S. elections.” Rohit Khanna, 4 days ago

This past month Jimmy Dore has done some great work exposing the bullshit of the “Russia did it” excuse and disinformation. Suddenly, after backing “Ro”, he has now come out with a bullshit video of him and his crew sitting around pondering “I wonder what the Russians did? gee?”

The Russians didn’t do shit to undermine our elections… but we have a bill in congress right now asking for $20,000,000 to regime change Venezuela and we have a whole bunch of contractors in Syria terrorizing the country and attacking civilians so we can regime change that country. Oh I’m sorry… they’re called “moderates” aren’t they?

This Russia bullshit is about justifying Hillary’s loss but it’s also about destabilizing the Trump presidency AND ginning up a new Cold War which is very profitable for the corporations that OWN the unDemocratic Party. And “Ro” once again, parrots the corportist talking points.

It’s also about Russia starting the last leg of the pipeline with Turkey and keeping us from getting what we wanted in Syria. They have to be punished for thwarting our “national interests”

There is no evidence of Russia interfering in our election process. None. So why do we need an independent commission?

This whole Russia thing has greatly diminished any confidence people still had with the fake left. They’re sick of it because after all this time all we see are more 6 degrees of separation guilt by association innuendo and tons and tons of unsupported allegations being tossed around like evidence of Iraqi WMDs were not that long ago.

It’s bullshit and most real progressives know that. Cenk Uygur doesn’t seem to know it and it looks like Jimmy Dore is forgetting that. But we know “Ro” doesn’t know it or he wont say it… officially. He will imply it in public at a nightclub with Jimmy, but officially, he’s got a different opinion. Kinda like his take on Nancy Pelosi… right?

10. The Email

Yes, I finally got around to the email and I saved it for last because everyone knows all about it by now. Debbie at the Sane Progressive has covered it. So has H.A. Goodman. Everyone has talked about it.

The story goes something like this:

“Ro’s” campaign manager (not the one who got caught hacking into Honda’s account, he had to resign) sent an email to John Podesta begging him to get Hillary to openly back “Ro” in the 2016 race. He talked about how much corporate money “Ro” has raised and how much he could raise for the Dems (he said $50,000,000) between his Silicon Valley friends (like Peter Thiel) and businessmen from India. He went on too say “Ro” is a big supporter of Hillary’s and that Ro would support the TPP when Honda wouldn’t. Then he begged Podesta to get Hillary to show up at his wedding.

The email is part of the Podesta emails published by Wikileaks.

I saved this for last, not because it’s the strongest evidence, but because it’s the weakest.

It’s his campaign manager desperately trying to sell “Ro” to the most powerful insider in Washington, first of all. It’s not coming from “Ro” himself, though I don’t doubt every word of it is true.

A lot of folks have focused on this email as the Holy Grail of evidence against “Ro” and I don’t think it is.

  • He has a long history of being exposed as a bought and paid for candidate.
  • He cheated to win the seat he has now.
  • He is a trained neoliberal from the birthplace of American neoliberalism.
  • He promotes disinformation about Assad, the White Helmets and Russia to keep in good standing with the corporate party he pretends to oppose.
  • He backs Nancy Pelosi for God’s sake.
  • He was marketed the first time by Obama’s Sell the TPP astroturf project.
  • He’s being marketed now by a fake-left sheep-dogging outfit funded by Republicans.
  • He backed the TPP if he didn’t help write the damn thing.

There are a number of reasons for real progressives, the kind that refused to vote for career criminal Hillary Clinton, to avoid Rohit Khanna like the plague. Sure the email helps people understand all of this but it doesn’t stand by itself as reason enough to not support him.

The unDemocratic Party are desperate. They need a passable progressive they can retool a bit and pass off as the real deal in 2020. Clearly Cenk Uygur sees this guy and his connections as his meal ticket. That’s why he was giggling when he announced “Ro” as a Justice Democrat on May 10th. Like most other Republicans, and I include the Republicans pretending to be Democrats, all he sees are the dollar signs.

Seems to me Jimmy Dore is being forced by the Young Turks to promote this guy and he really doesn’t like it. You can tell it when you listen to his shows with “Ro”

You can also tell Cenk has pressured Jimmy to promote him and his network more on his Youtube channel. He’s been mentioning Cenk an awful lot this past month and even had some of his “journalists” on the show.

(This is the thing Jimmy. You call out the Dems, and rightly so, for being to dependent on corporate money to take a stand and do and say as they wish. Funny how money does that to people, right? Funny how you can get so used to a certain level of financial success, you can’t figure out a way to do without it, and you are forced to… compromise. Funny how that works, isn’t it? I promise you one thing though… Cenk knew all about it.)

Rohit Khanna is not progressive.

He’s another Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. He’s a package. A product. Marketed and sold like Pepsi. And like Pepsi, he’ll end up rotting your teeth out.

The unDems are desperate and so to, unfortunately, are real progressives and the real left (or what’s left of it)

Don’t settle for this. The guy is a polished turd and he will betray you. Cenk Uygur, the New Congress thing, the Draft Bernie ridiculousness… it’s all marketing and you can’t be fooled by it even if you want to be.

Demexit might seem like a desperation move but I promise you, falling for this regurgitated bullshit is the real sign of insanity. It’s not even good regurgitated bullshit.

Rohit Khanna is a neoliberal centrist in progressive WWE costumes and you simply can’t fall for that crap again. If you do, you deserve what you get.

Listen to Debbie, unsubscribe to Jimmy like I did and send a message: we aren’t buying what you’re selling anymore.


Next month I celebrate 10 years of running this website and there is nothing I am more proud of I could really use some help guys Thank you all so much

(For my mailing address, please email me at


Fuck You Bernie Sanders – Go Sell Your New McCarthyite BS Somewhere Else

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 07:20

by Scott Creighton

Here is Bernie Sanders’ recorded video of his take of the firing of FBI Director James Comey. In it he says Comey “interfered” with Hillary’s campaign and goes on to say Russia thwarts the democratic process across the world, France is one example he gave, and he says “every intelligence agency” agrees Russia interfered in our election and the ONLY question he has is whether or not Trump “actively colluded” with Russia in this effort.

Bernie says this is a time for bipartisanship and a search for the truth. Bernie is a lying piece of shit.

I am a dyed in the wool liberal far left of Bernie the fake socialist and I have been searching for the truth in this matter. I do not repeat the lies Sen. Sanders repeats in his video and I do not repeat the propaganda. I am no fan of Trump but I cannot abide this baseless witchhunt being leveled at him at this time.

There is no evidence of collusion between Trump, his associates and this pretend Russian hacking bullshit story.

The Grizzly Steppe study was baseless rumor and innuendo and much of it has been proven to be false. It was fabricated by opponates of Trump’s during the primary and continued by the Clinton team during the general election.

The Jan 6 report from the FBI, NSA and CIA was more ridiculous than you can imagine. It focused primarily on a TV network and what stories they covered AND the fact that they dared to give airtime to 3rd party candidates when the corporate media decided to black them out.

Every agency has NOT concluded Russia hacked or interfered with our democratic process…


I don’t hear Sen. Sanders voicing his concerns about that in this video.

Trump did not fire Comey because he asked for more money for the investigation. Comey only said that because Senators running their own investigation asked him to speed his up so they could complete theirs and he said to do that he would need more resources.

So it is completely unfounded for Bernie Sanders too say Trump fired Comey because he asked for more money for the investigation. It is an outright lie and if Sanders doesn’t know that, he should resign for being an idiot.

Trump fired Comey because Comey lied to congress about how the emails ended up on the laptop Weiner provided the FBI to get out of being sent to prison for trying to hook up with children.

I notice Sen. Sanders doesn’t mention that either.

Trump fired Comey because he went on to expand on that lie when asked why he didn’t bring charges against Huma Abedin for “forwarding emails to Weiner to print out for Hillary” which was a complete fabrication according to the letter sent to congress by the FBI this past week. Comey said he didn’t think she had criminal intent when she did it. She didn’t fucking do it… they were on that computer, according to the FBI, because it was a BACKUP of her illegal server… just like I thought back in November of 2016.

Sen. Sanders doesn’t mention any of that either.

Sen. Sanders is not looking for bipartisan truth here. It’s a witch hunt being leveled at the current president in an effort to destabilize his tenure in office and it is despicable.

And now Bernie Sanders is despicable. And that comes from a REAL leftist, you shitbag. I hope Bernie retires and goes to live in the log cabin Hillary bought for him after he sheepdogged for her last year. I hope he gets out of politics and people WAKE UP and figure out what a scumbag Bernie Sanders really is. I hope. But you know how the saying goes… hope in one hand and shit in the other…


Cenk Uygur Breathlessly Announces Neoliberal Silicon Valley-Owned Ro Khanna as New Cash Cow of “Justice Dems”

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 06:52

by Scott Creighton

Wow. There’s “CHANGE” huh?

BREAKING: @RepRoKhanna tells @cenkuygur he is joining @justicedems #tytlive #CA17

— The Young Turks (@TheYoungTurks) May 10, 2017

Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks and the sheepdog unDemocratic Party movement, the “Justice Dems”, breathlessly announced via Twitter “Huge news coming up on tonight’s show. Big announcement that’s going to shake up DC

Oh he’s gonna shake up those establishment dems with the acquisition of Ro Khanna, huh?

Let’s see…

“Khanna also served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary in the United States Department of Commerce under President Barack Obama.”

” Khanna received his B.A. degree in economics with honors from the University of Chicago in 1998, where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa.[1][5][6] He attended Yale Law School, receiving his law degree in 2001.”

So he was an Obama appointee in Commerce and attended the University of Chicago School of Economics and Yale?

For those of you who don’t know, the American birthplace of neoliberal ideology was the University of Chicago School of Economics. They brought it over from the London School of Economics. That’s where Milton Friedman taught by the way. Chicago not London.

“Khanna interned for Jack Quinn when Quinn served as the Chief of Staff for Vice President Al Gore.”

“Khanna resigned from the Department of Commerce in August 2011 to join Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, a law firm located in Silicon Valley”

So not only is he connected with Barack Obama but he also worked in the Clinton White House under Al Gore. Hmm.

Plus, there is this:

“Khanna has raised $480,500 from the securities and investment industry compared to $170,752 from his next top iindustry, electronics manufacturing. His top company donors so far are Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. and a number of venture capital firms. Khanna lost his bid to unseat Honda in 2014 by fewer than 5,000 votes. That year, he raised $629,950 from financiers, compared to $261,345 from electronics manufacturing.” Open Secrets, June 2016

The unDemocratic Party is certainly aware of Ro’s ability to generate big bucks from Silicon Valley. They know he’s bought and paid for and they want him to win so he can bring his golden touch to help stuff their own coffers with Silicon slush fund money.

Khanna’s candidacy has been pitched to party power-brokers as a way for Democrats to capture a highly lucrative stable of wealthy tech donors

Ro Khanna is the first true Silicon Valley candidate,” Khanna’s campaign chairman Steve Spinner wrote in an email to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta last spring…

Khanna has “received the support of over 600 technology and financial leaders, more than six times what President Obama received in 2012,” Spinner added, before listing off Silicon Valley titans like Google CEO Eric Schmidt, tech’s original mega-donor John Doerr, Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg, and the now-toxic Trump supporter Peter Thiel.

“In this cycle, Ro’s tech and South Asian donors can be a source of at least $50 million for the Democratic Party in national races,” Spinner continued. “Over 70% of Ro’s donors were first time donors, and many will be inspired to give big once Ro wins (or earlier if we can convince Honda to retire & pass the baton to Ro).” The American Prospect, Nov. 2016

Cenk Uygur is pleased as punch to announce Ro is now part of his stable. Why? Because the sell-out Silicon Valley-owned congressman can produce BIG BUCKS for Cenk and his fake “Justice Dems” sheepdogging party, that’s why.

Its the fucking money.

Just like all the other Dems in the unDemocratic Party, Cenk is swooning over the possibility of seeing piles of money sent over from the corporate state landing in his bank accounts. And he can’t help it. That’s how he thinks. That’s why he worked for MSNBC back in the day promoting the illegal regime change in Libya and that’s why he backed Hillary Clinton after she stole the nomination from Sanders voters.

That’s how he thinks. That’s all he thinks. Just like all the rest of em.

If you ever had any question about whether the Justice Dems were legit. Now you know. If you ever wondered about Cenk being legit… I can’t help you there. By now you should be able to see through these guys like a cheap hooker’s skirt on Fleet Week.


Watch Lester Holt Lie to the President of the United States Repeatedly During his Interview

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 04:56

by Scott Creighton

(A video of the extended version of interview can be found at the end of this article)

The big takeaway from this interview according to the complicit press, is that President Trump admitted he intended to fire FBI Director James Comey even before meeting with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. They have harped on this all night saying it’s “proof” that Trump lied and is grounds for us all to panic because it is clearly yet another constitutional crisis.

That is bullshit. Yes, he intended to fire Comey. What he said in the short letter was that he received Rosenstein’s and Sessions’ recommendation and decided to fire him. Just because he wanted to fire him in the first place does not mean he’s lying about what happened. He did receive the letters of recommendation to fire Comey and he did fire him.

His personal opinion prior to that is a given. He didn’t HAVE to take their recommendation and act on it. He is the president and it is his choice. So clearly, he agreed with them even prior to the letters.

Again, don’t know how many times I can say this… I am NOT a fan of Donald Trump. However, I am a fan of not letting the complicit media undermine our democracy… such as it is.

The president of the United States gave Lester Holt an interview yesterday on the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Lester Holt was less than cordial. No matter what Trump talked about, he kept bringing the conversation back to the Russia investigation. Over and over again, he asked questions about that, even bringing up Trump’s tweets.

At around the 6:10 mark in the interview Trump says if Russia did something to the election he wants to know about it and Lester, condescendingly looks at the president and says “Well, there’s already intelligence from virtually every intelligence agency that, yes, that happened

What Mr. Holt is doing is parroting the misinformation regarding the Jan. 6th “intelligence report” on Russia’s involvement in our past election. This is what everyone says came from “all 17 intelligence agencies”

James Clapper mentioned it the other day during his testimony before congress.

“As you know, the I.C. was a coordinated product from three agencies; CIA, NSA, and the FBI not all 17 components of the intelligence community. Those three under the aegis of my former office… The two dozen or so analysts for this task were hand-picked, seasoned experts from each of the contributing agencies.” James Clapper

Clapper was deliberately putting to rest the myth fabricated by the complicit media that all 17 intelligence agencies came to the same conclusion about Russia hacking our election. In fact, it was only 3… the DHS actually said they didn’t stand by any of the conclusions in the report (which has been stricken in the newest version)

this report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within.”

… and in fact, it was only about 20 agents who prepared the report.

Three is not “virtually all” of 17 last I checked.

After Trump responded appropriately to Lester’s bullshit about all the agencies backing that ridiculous report (and it was ridiculous… 4 pages of it dealt with various RT news broadcasts) Lester then asks him “Were you angry with James Comey when he went public and said he can’t support your unsubstantiated charges of wiretapping, that your predecessor wiretapped you?

To clarify…

“Britain’s spy agencies played a crucial role in alerting their counterparts in Washington to contacts between members of Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russian intelligence operatives, the Guardian has been told.

GCHQ first became aware in late 2015 of suspicious “interactions” between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents, a source close to UK intelligence said. This intelligence was passed to the US as part of a routine exchange of information, they added…

The European countries that passed on electronic intelligence – known as sigint – included Germany, Estonia and Poland. Australia, a member of the “Five Eyes” spying alliance that also includes the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand, also relayed material, one source said” The Guardian

So we know that Britain, Germany, Estonia and Poland shared information with the Obama administration on several occasions relating to the Trump campaign throughout the course of the election process. We have to take them at their word as to what intel those communications contained as they have yet to release the documents.

Then we also know this:

1. June 2016: FISA request. The Obama administration files a request with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to monitor communications involving Donald Trump and several advisers. The request, uncharacteristically, is denied…

4. October: FISA request. The Obama administration submits a new, narrow request to the FISA court, now focused on a computer server in Trump Tower suspected of links to Russian banks. No evidence is found — but the wiretaps continue, ostensibly for national security reasons, Andrew McCarthy at National Review later notes. The Obama administration is now monitoring an opposing presidential campaign using the high-tech surveillance powers of the federal intelligence services.

5. January 2017: Buzzfeed/CNN dossier. Buzzfeed releases, and CNN reports, a supposed intelligence “dossier” compiled by a foreign former spy. It purports to show continuous contact between Russia and the Trump campaign, and says that the Russians have compromising information about Trump. None of the allegations can be verified and some are proven false. Several media outlets claim that they had been aware of the dossier for months and that it had been circulating in Washington.

6. January: Obama expands NSA sharing. As Michael Walsh later notes, and as the New York Times reports, the outgoing Obama administration “expanded the power of the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.” The new powers, and reduced protections, could make it easier for intelligence on private citizens to be circulated improperly or leaked.

7. January: Times report. The New York Times reports, on the eve of Inauguration Day, that several agencies — the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Treasury Department are monitoring several associates of the Trump campaign suspected of Russian ties. Other news outlets also report the exisentence of “a multiagency working group to coordinate investigations across the government,” though it is unclear how they found out, since the investigations would have been secret and involved classified information.

What part of all of that leaves anyone with the feeling that Trump’s claim that he was being spied on is “unsubstantiated”?

It’s unfortunate that Trump isn’t smarter or more well versed in current events. Had Lester Holt made the mistake of making that claim to someone like myself, he would have regretted it.

Lester then goes back to the fake Russia hacking bullshit, trying once again to imply that Trump fired Comey because of this baseless investigation.

He said there are “reports” that Trump is angry about it. President Trump said quite accurately that they are baseless reports coming from the complicit media which is something I covered myself just yesterday:

Politico published a report suggesting Trump was some kind of raging, out of control maniac running around the White House fuming over Comey still investigating his being a Manchurian Candidate for Vladamir Putin. This lovely piece of work is as well resourced as one might imagine:

“two advisers said…one adviser said…one person briefed on the administration’s deliberations said…a White House official said…Two White House officials said…one White House official said…several other people familiar with the events said…one White House official said…one senior official said…one White House official said…said one senior White House official…Several Stone allies and friends said” Politico

Unnamed sources made up the entirety of the article about Trump running around screaming at TVs like a madman.” Scott Creighton

After that, Lester Holt started in with the Gen. Flynn bullshit. Then moved on to ask him about his financial ties … with Russia.

Holt never asked him to specify why he fired FBI Director Comey. Never asked him. Not once.

Lester Holt didn’t want too know why Donald Trump fired James Comey. That wouldn’t serve his owner’s interests. And he didn’t want to give the president a platform to explain himself. All Lester Holt wanted to do was continue badgering the president and continue promoting lies that have already been exposed as lies. That’s what journalism is today.

But the complicit media have been out there going rabid over this interview and I will tell you why:

“But when I spoke with Putin he asked me whether or not I would see Lavrov. Should I have said “no. I’m not going to see him”? I said I will see him. During that discussion with Lavrov I think we had a great discussion having to do with Syria, having to do with the Ukraine, and maybe that discussion will lead to a lot less people getting killed and will lead ultimately to peace. So, I’m OK with those discussions Lester. I think it’s a good thing” President Trump

The new Cold War is a highly profitable venture for the military industrial complex. So is the regime change operation in Syria and the Greater Kurdistan project.

It doesn’t suit the interests of a certain segment of our rulers to mend ties with Russia at this particular moment in history and Trump appears to be willing to do just that. Ask the family of JFK what that idea got him back in the early 60s.

Trump did say at one point during the interview that the decision to fire Comey had been made “a while” before they let him go on Monday so it is clear to me that, like I reported when this news first broke, he probably decided to do it after Comey’s May 3rd interview before congress when he lied about how all those emails got on the laptop Weiner handed over to the FBI and they decided to make it official BECAUSE he was all the on the other side of the country… so they could go into his office and seize files and maybe even laptops associated with the Clinton server investigation.


Watching Holt’s interview is something like watching a kangaroo court proceeding. It’s not about finding the truth or giving someone a chance to make their case. It was about perpetuating propaganda and insinuating guilt by association.

Lester Holt lied to the president about these two subjects that he is certainly aware of, the ones I highlighted above. Due to his profession, he is probably more aware of them than the president.

The takeaway from the complicit press last night and this morning is that President Trump lied to Comey about why he was fired. And that he had all his surrogates lie to the media about it.

I don’t think that is true.

We do know James Comey lied to congress on May 3, 2017 when he told them Huma Abedin forwarded “thousands” of emails to Weiner so he could “print them out” for Hillary Clinton and then he lied when he said he wasn’t going to prosecute Huma because he didn’t think she violated the law “with criminal intent”

Those were lies and the FBI’s communication to congress on Weds. proves it.

And Lester Holt lied repeatedly to the president when he put forward propaganda about “virtually every intelligence agency ” saying Russia hacked our election and when he said the claims about the Obama administration spying on the Trump campaign were “unsubstantiated charges of wiretapping

Those are lies. Proven lies.

As I said before, I am not a Trump fan. But I am a fan of the truth and what they are trying to do to the president right now is shameful especially in the context of why they are doing it. To defend Hillary… to defend the lying FBI director… to undermine Trump’s Russian reset? Any number of these reasons and more? I don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s slimy and in many ways, even slimier than Trump himself.


The Deep State Unleashes the Complicit Media Over Comey Firing… but why?

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 07:29

by Scott Creighton

Let’s start off with this: James Comey Fired for Lying to Congress About Anthony Weiner Laptop (yes, it was the backup)

Today on Morning Joe they started with an unusual mood on their set. The happy couple of Mika and Joe were sour-faced and serious when usually they start with an upbeat tone, laughing and joking with with their gaggle of Mockingbird yes-men gathered around the table. Joe scolded the president with his opening diatribe and then, like that stupid commercial about “winning in business” suggests, he whipped off his $1,000 designer nerd glasses and used the arm to point accusingly at the camera for emphasis. It could have looked powerful and dramatic if you’re a high school thespian maybe but for the rest of us adults in the room it made Scarborough look like the overly dramatic propagandist for the Deep State that he really is.

Mika sat next to him frowning. Aw. Big meanie Trump makes Mika cry. Won’t SOMEBODY think of Mika!?! What about her globalist daddy’s NEEDS!?!

Clearly not on the same dire page as the rest of the hens, Mark Halprin sat in his chair smiling at first like he always does at the opening of the … show. The camera panned over him, smiling, and you could see someone must have been yelling in his ear from the production room and his smile quickly faded to a scowl to blend in with the somber mood the pack was trying to set for their audience’s morning.

And yes, they were quick to say, multiple times, over and over again, that this was a real “constitutional crisis”… just like all the other “constitutional crises” they have claimed since Trump took office. What’s the count up to now? 50?

There you go viewers. Take that to work with you and be afraid, be very afraid. The Donald has lost his mind and is out of control!

Of course, had Hillary been elected president and fired James Comey, that would have been perfectly fine.

Waters now on MSNBC arguing that if Hillary had been elected,she should have fired Comey, but Trump shouldn't.Totally unhinged.#ComeyFiring

— Tennessee (@TEN_GOP) May 10, 2017

The Morning Joe puppets had a pile of papers on their table in front of them, like untraceable slush-fund cash at a Clinton Foundation planning meeting or like Di$info Jone$ when he screeches “I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS!!!”

So let’s take a look at all those documents littering Joe and Mika’s table of disinfo and see if there is a there there… because I don’t think there is.

The papers were the typical Mockingbird fare, the same kind found on news anchor’s desks back in the summer of 2002 and early 2003 when they were trying to tell us just how dangerous Saddam Hussain was before we bombed the crap out of Iraq and killed a million Iraqis so Haliburton, BP and Exxon Mobile could make billions from privatizing their nationalized oil industry.

One such “report” they talked about in great detail was from the New York Times titled Days Before Firing, Comey Asked for More Resources for Russia Inquiry.

The article insinuates without question that Comey was going to step up the ridiculous investigation into Russia colluding with Trump to cheat Hillary out of her rightful place at the throne but Trump got wind of that and panicked and fired him.

This is part of the fuel that fired Mr. Scarborough up so much that he had to whip off his glasses and point dramatically like a pimply-face actor in a high school production of The Miracle Worker (yes, I did that playing the doctor back in 1983)

But what concrete evidence is this based on?

I’m told that as soon as Rosenstein arrived, there was a request for additional resources for the investigation, and that a few days afterward, he was sacked,” said Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois. “I think the Comey operation was breathing down the neck of the Trump campaign and their operatives, and this was an effort to slow down the investigation.” New York Times

Second hand hearsay and Durbin’s personal opinion of the matter. Durbin of course was a supporter of Hillary Clinton during the campaign.

The author of the article included this little disclaimer:

It is not yet known what became of Mr. Comey’s request, or what role — if any — it played in his firing” New York Times

According to the meat of this story, buried deep in the body of the work, James Comey met with congressional officials who asked HIM to accelerate his investigation so they could do the same with theirs.

“According to the congressional officials, the Senate Intelligence Committee learned of Mr. Comey’s request on Monday when Senators Burr and Warner asked the F.B.I. director to meet with them. They wanted him to accelerate the bureau’s investigation so they could press forward with theirs. Congressional investigators do not have the authority to collect intelligence that agencies like the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. possess.” New York Times

Ah. So now the story is the committee asked to meet with Comey and they were the ones who wanted to move things forward faster. So it appears Comey would have replied “Well, if you want that, I would need more resources to accomplish that goal” or something to that effect. That’s a bit different than what the Times headline and the cucks over at Morning Joe would have you believe.

Politico published a report suggesting Trump was some kind of raging, out of control maniac running around the White House fuming over Comey still investigating his being a Manchurian Candidate for Vladamir Putin. This lovely piece of work is as well resourced as one might imagine:

“two advisers said…one adviser said…one person briefed on the administration’s deliberations said…a White House official said…Two White House officials said…one White House official said…several other people familiar with the events said…one White House official said…one senior official said…one White House official said…said one senior White House official…Several Stone allies and friends said” Politico

Unnamed sources made up the entirety of the article about Trump running around screaming at TVs like a madman.

Looks like the Mockingbirds are right back on par with the WMDs stories, aren’t they?

The Deep State’s assets at the Times even used this opportunity to poo-poo the story about Trump being spied on during the campaign… I guess they are hoping we all take our Zanex  and forget what was reported on not that long ago.

“After President Trump accused his predecessor in March of wiretapping him, James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director, was flabbergasted. The president, Mr. Comey told associates, was “outside the realm of normal,” even “crazy.”

For his part, Mr. Trump fumed when Mr. Comey publicly dismissed the sensational wiretapping claim.” New York Times

Just a reminder: Trump had been told that British intelligence had been spying on his campaign for a long time via the 5 Eyes program. He was ridiculed across the board for making such a claim. It was billed as yet another “constitutional crisis” as GCHQ strongly denied they did anything of the sort. Deep State officials called the claim “arrant nonsense” as folks like Mika and Joe scowled their disapproval once again.

Then this happened:

“Britain’s spy agencies played a crucial role in alerting their counterparts in Washington to contacts between members of Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russian intelligence operatives, the Guardian has been told.

GCHQ first became aware in late 2015 of suspicious “interactions” between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents, a source close to UK intelligence said. This intelligence was passed to the US as part of a routine exchange of information, they added…

The European countries that passed on electronic intelligence – known as sigint – included Germany, Estonia and Poland. Australia, a member of the “Five Eyes” spying alliance that also includes the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand, also relayed material, one source said” The Guardian

Seems like everyone in the Deep State was spying on the Trump campaign not just GCHQ. And they had been doing it since the campaign began.

They have yet to release all that “evidence” they have against Trump’s people, specifically, the stuff they claim GCHQ “accidentally” intercepted during routine spying on Russia.

So, the Times article furthers the revisionist history of the 5 Eyes peering into our political process on behalf of the preferred globalist candidate and the one who promised to continue the legacy of the president in charge of our branch of the globalist Deep State here in America.

i.e. “it never happened and it’s “crazy” to think that it did” … in spite of the fact that it clearly did happen.

Over at the Intercept, former Huffington Post writer, Mehdi Hasan, writes that this means Trump is a “tin pot” dictator and breathlessly wonders aloud “who will stop him?” (WONT SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!?!?)

At CNN Richard Blumenthal says this is going to lead to Trump’s impeachment. Blumy suggested the other day that we should start using “laws already on the books” to start arresting bloggers who don’t go along with the right-think bullshit we’re fed by the complicit media. (I’m not kidding. He did that.

The Atlantic says this is a president “who doesn’t play by any rules

It’s Armageddon. It’s the End Times. It’s the 7th sign of the Apocalypse.

Or maybe… the Deep State is just worried about the fact that Trump and his supporters now have access to that back-up laptop Weiner gave the FBI to try to keep from going to a New York state prison for trying to hook up with children and they know most of those emails Hillary deleted illegally came from them telling her just how much money they could make if she regime changed Libya, Ukraine and Syria.

You think maybe that has something to do with this information warfare being waged on us right now?

That’s my guess.

When the Deep State moves their assets in concert like this, you know it’s important to them. Could it be a distraction? Sure it could. Could it be they are trying to undermine Trump’s credibility while he meets with Sergei Lavrov in the Oval Office threatening to normalize relations with Russia and set back all their Cold War II profits? Yep. Could be a lot of things.

But one thing it isn’t, exemplified by Joe’s dramatic eye glasses thrust move, is real news. None of it is. It’s a manufactured constitutional crisis which serves the interests of Joe’s real bosses in the Deep State.

And now let’s end with this: James Comey Fired for Lying to Congress About Anthony Weiner Laptop (yes, it was the backup)

James Comey lied to congress when he said Huma Abedin emailed “thousands” of official State Department documents to Anthony Weiner so he could print them for Hillary Clinton. Not only was that an outright lie (and the FBI said so) it was a stupid lie that made absolutely no sense. And neither did Comey’s explanation as to why he wasn’t prosecuting Huma and Weiner for doing such a ridiculous thing. The truth was, he wasn’t prosecuting them… because it never happened.. he was LYING.

James Comey deserved to be fired. He chose a side. He chose wrong. He covered up for the Clinton machine and guess what? She lost. Then he lied some more. And that’s the story. Russia, Putin, aliens eating my homework. Joe S. pointing with the arm of his glasses. None of that matters. James Comey couldn’t be trusted because he was a LIAR… and because LYING TO CONGRESS IS A CRIME. Did you know that?

Better question now is… why don’t they prosecute him?

Today I “celebrate” 51 years (and one day) of life
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US Plan to Arm PKK/YPG is a Declaration of War Against Turkey

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 17:35

(Kurds are the best fighters of KurdISIS because, they go in with their “ISIS” hats on and attack soft targets killing civilians to drive them out of a town or village… and then they put on their Glorious Kurds hats and say they drove “ISIS” out… so of course, the town or village is theirs now. Hence “KurdISIS”. Let me demonstrate via a nifty visual aid)

(And Penny is absolutely correct. The next regime change target is Erdogan and Turkey. That’s the next piece of the Greater Kurdistan project. So Erdogan is right too say this is a direct threat to the nation of Turkey… because it is.)

by Penny from Penny for Your Thoughts

Turkey Says U.S. Plan to Arm Kurds in Syria Supports Terrorism
Quoting from Bloomberg in red 

 “This issue is a matter of existence or nonexistence for Turkey,” Deputy Prime Minister Nurettin Canikli told AHaber television on Wednesday. “It is a matter of survival for Turkey. Everyone should see it this way. We can never accept or allow the existence of terrorist organizations that pose a threat to Turkey’s future.”

The US has just declared war, without actually stating it, against Turkey! Get it? That is exactly what has occurred! In the same way the US declared war against Syria without stating it. Actions speak much louder then words and the actions of the US are loudly screaming the intent! And the 5 eyes media is delivering the message with abundance today.

Patrick Cockburn- The Independent

 “President Trump’s decision to provide weapons to the Syrian Kurds, who are fighting Isis, potentially marks a crucial change in the political geography of the Middle East.”

Patrick is telling half the story… of course. While also pushing the same bullshit about “kurds/best fighters” The change in political geography will equate to an actual change in the physical geography- As has already occurred in Syria…

[read more here]


Privatization Queen Betsy DeVos Gets Some Street Justice… Higher Education Style (good for you, Bethune-Cookman University)

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 16:51

by Scott Creighton

Couldn’t pass up on this one.

Sec. of Education, privatization queen Betsy DeVos, a woman who wants nothing more than to see the entire Department of Education privatized in order to make those billions of dollars available for the snake oil salesmen in the charter school industry, decided to get herself a little street cred by heading to Bethune-Cookman University to deliver their commencement address today.

Not a good move.

Betsy was booed mightily by the students attending the event. Many were angry because attendance was mandatory for graduation.

When she began her speech, the graduating class stood and turned their backs on her prompting the dean of the school to interrupt DeVos and threaten the students by saying if they didn’t behave, the cerimony would be over and he would “mail their degrees to them. Choose which way you want to go”

Students don’t like DeVos. For one reason, she said a while ago that traditionally black universities were rooted in the “school choice” movement. Of course, that is self-serving ridiculous crap. Traditionally black schools are rooted in racism as their students, while qualified, couldn’t get accepted at other schools because of their race. Especially in the south.

Betsy later walked back that insensitive comment but the damage was already done.

Betsy DeVos is a silver-spooner idiot who’s family has donated over 200 million dollars to the Republican party over the course of several years. She knows nothing about teaching or about managing a school system but Trump made her Secretary of Education because she shares at least one neoliberal ideology with him and that is the desire to privatize public education so billionaires like Oprah, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos can make a profit off of it. Also so they can make sure poor black people don’t get the same kind of education rich white kids get.

One of the key takeaways from her confirmation hearing is the fact that she does not think charter schools should be held to the same academic standards that public schools are held to. And she believes that because she knows public schools are held to those standards in order to make them look like they are failing so they can be privatized. She also knows that being run like a business, she wants owners of charter schools to be able to cut corners and do what they can to make the most profits regardless of the outcome on the education of the children in their charge.

Nothing is more disgusting to me than cheating a child out of a quality education and doing it for a fucking buck.

You steal a man’s life and he’s no longer around to suffer.

You steal his money and maybe eventually he can make more.

But you steal a child’s education you steal their goddamned future and nothing, I mean nothing is more despicable than that. Nothing.

She is a nasty, sickening human being who clearly thought this stunt would go over better than it did.

In the end, students calmed down a bit and let her get through her vapid patronizing little speech. At least one was escorted out holding up his right fist in defiance.

Yesterday, student in Chile took to the streets to demand education reforms. They are sick of privatized education. Some of you might recall, the charter school system was put in place by Augusto Pinochet after the CIA and the neoliberal Chicago Boys removed him from office on Sept. 11th, 1973. That’s the real foundation of “school choice” or the charter school system.

To the students at Bethune-Cookman University I wish to extend my congratulations to you all. I congratulate you on graduation and on your courage to stand up and turn your backs on that filthy little silver-spooner lying rat who defamed your day of celebration with her presence.

You stood in protest shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and sisters across the globe who oppose this horrible system and it’s messengers. And I couldn’t be happier or prouder too say I come from the same state of Florida as you brave kids. Good for you.

Today I “celebrate” 51 years of life
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The CIA’s Manufactured Hero “Edward Snowden” Condemns #ComeyFiring

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 13:24

by Scott Creighton

He’s hip, he’s in your face, he’s a high-school drop-out, an Army washout, a college security guard turned super spy… and he’s the poster child for “freedom”… and he’s a manufactured hero, former and current CIA creation, “Edward Snowden” and he thinks we all have to “come together” to condemn the firing of a guy who lied to congress making up a story about Huma forwarding emails to her pedophile husband and then lied some more when asked why he wasn’t going to prosecute her. James Comey did all that so he could protect Hillary Clinton some more… while she was making ready her destabilization NGO called “Onward Together!”


CBS Hosts Mock Bernie Sanders For Not Taking Wall Street Money (Jimmy Dore video)

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 09:47

Jimmy also manages to mention the fact that a real journalist would have asked Bernie why he’s backing the corrupt unDemocratic Party right now, knowing full well that it only serves Big Business and Big Banking. What he failed to mention was someone SHOULD have asked him how he could afford that nice new $600k lakeside cabin he just bought after sheepdogging for the Dems… but that’s OK. It’s still a good video.


A Coup at the FBI: James Comey Fired for Lying to Congress About Anthony Weiner Laptop (yes, it was the backup)

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 06:45

by Scott Creighton (Happy Birthday to Me…)

The fake left are beside themselves this morning ranting about President Trump’s firing of the man Hillary Clinton said just last week caused her to lose the election. In no uncertain terms, Hillary said in an interview that had the election been held on Oct. 27th 2016, she would have won. FBI Director James Comey made his announcement about the Weiner laptop emails on Oct. 28th.

And now, here we are, less than a week later and the fake left is outraged that the man Hillary says cost her the election has been fired for mishandling the Clinton investigation.

Talk about Bizarro World.

On the surface, that is a hard one to understand but if you dig a little deeper you find, like most other things, it makes perfect sense.

They are terrified of what Trump and associates got their hands on in the wake of the coup at the FBI: the back-up laptop.

I guess Killary shouldn’t have been so smug when she announced her destabilization NGO the other day in her interview.

President Trump fired James Comey yesterday by sending a short letter to the FBI main offices in D.C. and by sending him some sort of electronic communication. Comey was all the way on the other side of the country in L.A. attending a meeting. The FBI director left that meeting and rushed to his plane and flew back to D.C. as fast as he could.

In the short letter Trump was less than clear as to why he was firing Comey (emphasis mine)

Dear Director Comey:

I have received the attached letters from the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General of the United States recommending your dismissal as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I have accepted their recommendation and you are hereby terminated and removed from office, effective immediately.

While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau. It is essential that we find new leadership for the FBI that restores the public trust and confidence in its vital law enforcement mission.

I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Donald J. Trump

The recommendations from Jeff Sessions and Deputy AG Rosenstein, dated yesterday, can be found here. They speak exclusively about Comey’s mishandling of the Hillary Clinton email server as the reason they felt they needed to remove him from office in order to preserve the integrity of the FBI.

Something else happened yesterday which is extremely relevant to this situation.

The FBI issued an official letter to congress regarding James Comey’s May 3rd 2017 testimony in which they say he “mispoke” regarding the Huma Abedin emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. That’s the same laptop that prompted James Comey’s Oct. 28th announcement that he had to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a personal server.

I myself wrote on  May 4th James Comey’s Explanation of the Clinton Emails on Weiner’s Computer is Total Absolute Bunk

You might recall, James Comey said that the Weiner laptop contained official State Department emails and communications from Huma and Hillary that, according to Comey, were forwarded to him by Huma so he could print them out. He said “thousands” of official documents, some clearly marked “classified”, were sent to him in this manner.

When pressed by members of congress as to why Huma hadn’t been arrested for mishandling classified material in this way, he said it was because they couldn’t determine there was an “criminal intent” on her part which is totally absurd.

I have been on record, since Nov. 2nd 2016, concluding that the Anthony Weiner laptop was not his personal laptop, but it was in fact the missing back-up laptop Huma and Hillary made of her complete record of her time serving as the Secretary of State and they made it just prior to taking the server offline. I have said this laptop was the Holy Grail of evidence against Hillary Clinton because it contained all of the emails they turned in after being forced to and all those she deleted and hid from public record. Part of the reason for my conclusion comes from Huma Abedin’s own testimony.

“According to Huma’s testimony, she knew a laptop had been created as a back-up to the server for the purposes of Hillary being able to access her information later when she started writing a book about her time in office. That laptop’s whereabouts were unknown to Huma at the time.” Scott Creighton

It has been my belief for over half a year that Anthony Weiner, in order to keep himself out of prison for sending nude pictures of himself to a child, handed over the Clinton server back-up laptop on Oct. 3rd of 2016 and that act of desperation and self preservation is what set all of this in motion.

Going back to the letter sent to congress by the FBI yesterday we find they also believed that former Dir. Comey’s explanation of how those emails got on the laptop was total bunk and they explained it with a little more detail (emphasis mine):

“Director Comey spoke of hundreds and thousands of e-mails being forwarded from Ms. Abedin to Mr. Weincr’s laptop computer.

This included e-mails transferred via backups as well as manual forwarding.

Our investigation determined that Ms. Abedin commonly forwarded emails to others who would print documents for her. Although we do not know the exact numbers.

Based on its investigation, the FBI believes it is reasonable to conclude that most of the emails found on Mr. Weiner’s laptop computer related to the Clinton investigation occurred as a result of a backup of personal electronic devices, with a small number a result of manual forwarding by Ms. Abedin to Mr. Weiner.

Investigators identified approximately 49,000 e-mails which were potentially relevant to the investigation. All were reviewed with a particular focus on those containing classified information.

Investigators ultimately determined that two e-mail chains containing classified were manually forwarded to Mr. Weincr’s account.

Ten additional chains containing classified information also were found on the laptop computer as a result of backup activity. All twelve chains previously had been reviewed by investigators.”

Huma said she didn’t know where the back-up laptop was when investigators asked her. But she did acknowledge it’s existence.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that Clinton or Huma would back-up their personal devises on Anthony Weiner’s personal laptop computer. That is almost as stupid of a conclusion as Comey saying Huma forwarded all of that stuff to him to “print out” for Hillary.

So the FBI concludes all of these emails were on that computer as a result of them being placed there as a back-up to someone’s system. The system? Yeah. More than likely, yeah.

So at the risk of sounding crass by patting myself on the back on my birthday (happy birthday to me) … I was right. The laptop sleezy weiner boy handed over to the Feds was the “missing” laptop back-up.

And notice something else. The number of files they discovered was approximately 49k and we all know Hillary deleted something like 33k+ files from her system saying they were “personal” and not related to official work for the State Department.

Sounds about right to me.

And yes, when I wrote Comey’s explanation of just how those files got on the computer was “total bunk“, apparently the FBI agreed with me on that one as well.

So let’s look at what really happened.

Yesterday three major players in the Justice Department decided to send official documents to the White House and congress destroying the lies James Comey spun around the Hillary Clinton investigation of her use of an illegal server while serving as Secretary of State and her subsequent destruction of State Department communications. The FBI, the Attorney General and his Deputy all produced and sent damning letters on the same day.

They all sent those communications while Dir. Comey was out of his office, clear across the country, at a meeting in L.A.

This was not a coincidence.

They wanted to do this on a day when he was far away so they could have time to go to his offices and lock down any evidence or files he had, including his communications.

Maybe they wanted to find a laptop in his office safe.

It should be noted, the first FBI official to get their hands on that laptop is now serving as the Acting Director of the FBI.

The latest development began in early October when New York-based FBI officials notified Andrew McCabe, the bureau’s second-in-command, that while investigating Mr. Weiner for possibly sending sexually charged messages to a minor, they had recovered a laptop with 650,000 emails. Many, they said, were from the accounts of Ms. Abedin, according to people familiar with the matter.” WSJ

“The FBI Director is appointed for a single 10-year term by the President and confirmed by the Senate. The acting director is Andrew G. McCabe, who assumed office on May 9, 2017, after James Comey was dismissed by President Donald Trump.”

As second in command at the FBI, McCabe had to have approved the letter sent to congress yesterday that confirmed the origin of the laptop and corrected Dir. Comey’s lies to congress. So it looks like McCabe, Sessions and Rosenstein have essentially carried out a coup over at the FBI. The timing of this couldn’t be more understandable.

Queen Hillary to Run a Soros-like Destabilization NGO Here in ‘Merika Called “Onward Together!” May 5, 2017

Hillary Clinton is starting up a destabilization NGO here in America looking to fund “activists” who will protest against whatever policies President Trump enacts that Hillary and George Soros want stopped.

She made this announcement during that same “Women for Women” interview I mentioned earlier and she did so in her typical, maniacal manner.

Seems to me someone from on high decided to send Hillary a little message so they got rid of her main protector in the FBI and they did so in a manner where it would appear at least they were able to retrieve some pretty valuable intel on her, stuff that Comey had in his personal possession.

Pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

However you look at it, Dir. Comey was fired for lying about the Clinton back-up laptop. He was fired because he soiled the image of the FBI (even more than it already was) by issuing ridiculous justifications for not prosecuting Hillary and bullshit stories about how all those emails got on that device in the first place.

James Comey’s dedication to the Clinton regime went way too far and ultimately cost him his job. It cost him respect back in July of 2016 and it cost him job yesterday.

The fact that he is being defended by the pro-Clinton faction of the fake left makes perfect sense in this light. The last thing they want to do is have the truth of his firing laid out there for everyone too see because that means the contents of that laptop would need to see the light of day and that cannot be allowed.

Today I “celebrate” 51 years of life
Next month I celebrate 10 years of running this website and there is nothing I am more proud of I could really use some help guys Thank you all so much

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Trump fires FBI Director James Comey

Tue, 05/09/2017 - 17:50

from RT

President Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey at the recommendation of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, according to a White House announcement.

“The FBI is one of our Nation’s most cherished and respected institutions and today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement,” said President Trump.

“While I greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that I am not under investigation,” Trump told Comey in a letter, he was recommending the firing nonetheless.

A search for a new permanent FBI Director will begin immediately…

[read more here]


South Korea set to change policy on North as liberal wins election

Tue, 05/09/2017 - 10:43

from the Guardian

Moon Jae-in, a left-leaning liberal who favours engagement with North Korea, has won South Korea’s presidential election, raising hopes of a potential rapprochement with Pyongyang.

The former human rights lawyer won 41.4% of the vote, according to an exit poll cited by the Yonhap news agency, placing him comfortably ahead of his nearest rivals, the centrist software entrepreneur Ahn Cheol-soo and the conservative hardliner Hong Joon-pyo, both of whom have conceded defeat.

South Koreans who backed Moon, 64, will be hoping the election result will mark a clean break from the corruption scandal surrounding his disgraced predecessor Park Geun-hye.

Hours before polls closed, the national election commission forecast that turnout would exceed 80% – the highest since Kim Dae-jung was elected in 1997.

During a campaign in which Moon sought to add conservative voters to his liberal support base, the Democratic party candidate captured the public mood with vows to reform South Korea’s powerful chaebols, family-owned conglomerates, and tackle rising inequality and youth unemployment.

Moon has called for a more conciliatory approach to North Korea, after weeks of tensions over the regime’s ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programmes…

[read more here]


The Yates/Clapper Hearing Proves “Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies”

Tue, 05/09/2017 - 08:58

by Scott Creighton

But putting Americans in prison if they cooperate, collude, aid and abet or otherwise assist in that illegality might send a very strong deterrent message, correct?” Richard Blumenthal, May 8th, 2017

Stunning Hypocrisy

First thing to keep in mind: nothing happens in a vacuum and there are no such things as coincidences in Geo-politics these days. So, as adults who understand the world as it really is, let’s look at current events as the Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election took place yesterday (full transcript here)

  1. Russia and Turkey begin final leg of Turkish Stream pipeline (May 7th)
  2. U.S. and coalition forces excluded from control of safe zones in Syria (May 4th) (Gen. Mattis opposes them)
  3. Hillary Clinton “Rebrand HER!” campaign kicks off (May 5th)… new book shows “Russia hacked us” story designed to cover for election loss

We are about to lose a major 6-year-long Geo-political battle right now. Whatever you believe about Syria, it was never a civil war or a struggle from within for more rights. It was always about regime change on behalf of greater control of the resources of the Middle East. It was about making moves on the Grand Chessboard just like Afghanistan was… just like Iraq was.

And this loss we are facing is in large part due to what we consider “interference” from nation states like Iran, Turkey, Hezbollah and… Russia. Mainly Russia.

This “Russia hacked our election” disinformation campaign now straddles both parties for this very reason. While the unDemocratic Party still insists (with no evidence mind you) then candidate Donald Trump and Russian president Vladamir Putin were in cahoots with one another in an effort to undermine the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, the Republicans deny there was any  collusion between them, while now fully supporting the notion that Russia interfered with our presidential election.

The One Party system we have in place has decided to agree on that and they did so because Russia has to be punished for “interfering” in something else. But they can’t say that, so the “threat to our democracy” line is used.

In order to do justice to any evaluation of what happened yesterday in the Senate hearing on “Russian interference”, one must first put it in context of our own efforts to do just that in literally dozens of nations across the world.

“The U.S. has a long history of attempting to influence presidential elections in other countries – it’s done so as many as 81 times between 1946 and 2000, according to a database amassed by political scientist Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University.

That number doesn’t include military coups and regime change efforts following the election of candidates the U.S. didn’t like, notably those in Iran, Guatemala and Chile.” LA Times Dec. 2016

If you include the bloody coups, color revolutions, wars based on lies and “humanitarian” bombing campaigns, you are looking at well over a hundred and fifty times, since WWII, that we have sought to interfere with the political destiny of nations across the world.

In other words… do the exact same thing we accuse Russia of doing.

The only difference is… there is actual evidence of what we did.

Ironically, the day before the hearing yesterday, Sen. Marco Rubio offered up a bill for consideration called the Venezuela Humanitarian Assistance and Defense of Democratic Governance Act which seeks to create a 20 million dollar slush fund with the stated purpose of forcing regime change in the socialist country.

Seated at the hearing yesterday as part of the subcommittee conducting the “investigation” into “Russian interference” with our democratic process, were Senator Cornyn and Senator Durbin who are both listed as co-sponsors of the regime change Venezuela bill.

So you don’t have to go back 60 years to see the hypocrisy of what happened yesterday in the senate. It’s right there in your face, seated behind a desk and asking questions and repeating misinformation about Russia “hacking” our election.

Even if you completely ignore the past (long standing policy and recent regime change actions including what we are currently doing in Syria right now) you cannot ignore the fact that we have legislation pending in the senate asking for millions of dollars to influence the political structure of yet another democratic nation.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking too say the least.

Outright Lies

With regard to the testimony from former DNI head James Clapper and Sally Yates, a little truth peaked out from being the cascade of disinformation and you had to be careful to catch it because, for the most part, the New McCarthyites over at CNN, Fox and MSNBC are diligently working to bury it.

One example was as follows.

The “intelligence” report released on Jan. 6th, 2017 was not backed by all 17 intel agencies as has been reported ad nausium and in fact, it was produced by a small number of carefully selected agents from within those three agencies. So rather than this report coming from all 17 agencies and being backed by the thousands of agents working within them, in fact, it was produced by 20 or so carefully selected individuals and then signed off on by the likes of James Clapper (who had already lied to congress about surveillance of private citizens in the U.S.), James Comey (who had already supported Clinton’s campaign by refusing to prosecute her for the use of a private email server) and John Brennan (who also lied to congress about spying on congress)

“As you know, the I.C. was a coordinated product from three agencies; CIA, NSA, and the FBI not all 17 components of the intelligence community. Those three under the aegis of my former office… The two dozen or so analysts for this task were hand-picked, seasoned experts from each of the contributing agencies.” James Clapper

So, we can put to rest the myth of “all 17 intelligence agencies backed this Russian interference report issued on January 6th, 2017” That simply never happened. In fact, gone from the original report was this disclaimer that I found and took a screenshot of on Jan. 7th:

It says:

this report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within.”

I also made note of the methodology they claim they employed with this study of theirs. The following quote comes directly from the study:

When Intelligence Community analysts use words such as “we assess” or “we judge,” they are conveying an analytic assessment or judgment. Some analytic judgments are based directly on collected information; others rest on previous judgments, which serve as building blocks in rigorous analysis

That means, to a large degree, the 20 or so “handpicked” intelligence analysts who came up with the foundation of “evidence” that Russia interfered with our election process, based their assessment on previous lies and unsubstantiated reports, which themselves were based on previous lies and unsubstantiated reports.

That’s because, as you will see, there is no real evidence provided.

For the most part, the report spends much of it’s time focusing on RT (formerly Russia Today) and what they reported on as it’s evidence of Russian interference. Here are some of the examples provided in the report of how Vladamir Putin and the Russians are trying to undermine our democracy:

  • RT is a leading media voice opposing Western intervention in the Syrian conflict…
  • RT runs anti- fracking programming , highlighting environmental issues and the impacts on public health…
  • RT has also focused on criticism of the US economic system, US currency policy, alleged Wall Street greed…
  • RT’s reports often characterize the United States as a “surveillance state” and allege widespread infringements of civil liberties, police brutality, and drone use…
  • RT aired a documentary about the Occupy Wall Street movement…
  • RT broadcast, hosted, and advertised third – party candidate debates and ran reporting supportive of the political agenda of these candidates…

They then go on to accuse RT of trying to expand their reach into global markets, which I believe every network attempts to do if I am not mistaken. Then they explain the real problem:

According to market research company Nielsen, RT had the most rapid growth (40 percent) among all international news channels in the United States over the past year (2012) . Its audience in New York tripled and in Washington DC grew by 60% ( Kommersant , 4 July)

You might recall, one of the main connections they have with Gen. Flynn and Russia was the interview he gave them in Oct. of 2015. In the interview, Flynn says it’s “too early too tell” if Russia is “hitting the right targets” in Syria with their airstrikes as he says hitting the wrong ones (the CIA’s destabilization forces) will cause a disturbance in the process.

The interviewer then played a video of Obama saying Russia didn’t differentiate between “ISIS” and the “moderate” terrorists who are there on behalf of our regime change operation (“those who want to see Assad go”)

Flynn then went on too say he didn’t think Assad should continue to “serve in the role” of leader of Syria, which sounds an awful lot like he was supporting the regime change agenda laid out from the beginning.

His main sin during that interview was to admit the truth, that the U.S.’s pretend campaign against “ISIS” had been a total failure up until Russia got involved and actually started targeting what I call KurdISIS. That’s where he went off script and that is what they decided to use as their primary evidence against him specifically and the Trump campaign in general.

During a 2015 interview with al Jazeera, Flynn did much the same thing when he suggested that the rise of Islamic mercenary groups from outside Syria was allowed by the Obama administration because it served their purpose. Clearly this is the truth but that isn’t allowed in polite society so Flynn was mercilessly attacked for that as well.

But as you can see, even this little glimpse of honesty from James Clapper regarding this “Russian interference” study is shrouded in a cloak of disinformation. The truth is, RT was gaining popularity because it reported a certain measure of truth that the corporate media here in the states would not. That is why they were gaining popularity. And in the interview with Gen. Flynn, the host of the show did what journalists are supposed to do, he asked pointed follow-up questions and got some truth out of his guest.

Was that directed from the Kremlin? Of course not. Is telling people the truth about Occupy Wall Street, the Syrian regime change operation, the dangers of fracking and the developing surveillance state here in America some kind of “threat” to our democracy? Of course not. Is giving air time to third party candidates somehow detrimental to our freedom?

Some clearly see it that way. I believe that the only way to achieve a true democracy is through a well informed public. I guess that is where we differ.

Also repeated often yesterday was the misinformation about DC Leaks and Wikileaks being agents of Russia. Hillary Clinton calls them “Russian Wikileaks”

This is ridiculous. There exists no solid evidence that either DC Leaks or Wikileaks is in contact with or a tool of Russian intelligence agencies. And in fact, the vast majority of evidence regarding Wikileaks tends to show it’s a creation of U.S. intelligence, not Russian.

The DNC “hack” story remained yesterday as well and it went unchallenged in spite of the fact that it is almost a proven fact that an insider leaked the DNC material to Wikileaks and was then killed for his efforts. Both Guccifer 2.0 and Julian Assange said Seth Rich was the source of the DNC leaks and for those of you who don’t know, Seth was shot and killed for no apparent reason in D.C. just after the leaks were published.

Regardless of what really happened to Seth Rich, the fact remains, we have seen no evidence that Russia interfered with our election process with the exception of a Russian-backed news network reporting truthfully on some issues many of us have been reporting on for some time. Plus, they gave a platform to candidates our election system would rather have ignored because they brought up issues that they would rather see silenced. And that is it.

Implicit Threats Against Freedom of Speech

I will write more later about the specifics of the testimony from Clapper and Yates but I want to conclude this article with a deeply troubling exchange between one of the members of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee members, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), and the two witnesses Clapper and Yates. This topic was broached right at the end of the hearing and was the last discussed. It ended on this deeply troubling note:

CHAIRMAN: Senator Blumenthal.

BLUMENTHAL: Thanks, Mr. Chairman.

Ms. Yates, so far, the concerns you expressed about the constitutionality of these executive orders have been upheld by the courts, correct?

YATES: That’s right.

BLUMENTHAL: Second, Director Clapper, on the issue of possible use of the far right websites by the Russians, you were asked earlier whether you have any knowledge about that potential cooperation or involvement. Do you have independent knowledge of the use of those far right websites?

CLAPPER: I don’t. I don’t have, at least off the top of my head, specific knowledge or insight into that connection. Could have been, I just don’t know that directly.

BLUMENTHAL: But you made reference to published reports. You said, I think, you knew about it from what you read about in the newspapers.

CLAPPER: Well, that’s a specific reference to what happened in — occurred in France.

BLUMENTHAL: Correct. And the same tactics that were used most recently in France were also used or at least reportedly used in this country?

CLAPPER: Correct.

BLUMENTHAL: And I’d like to put in the record one public report, there are probably others, a McClatchy report of March 20th, which begins with the lead, “federal investigators are examining whether far right news sites played any role last years in the Russian cyber operation that dramatically widened the reach of news stories, some fictional, that favored Donald Trump’s presidential bid.” It quotes tow people familiar with the inquiry and it goes on to mention, “Among those sites, Breitbart News and Infowars.”

Mr. Chairman, if this report could be entered into the record.


BLUMENTHAL: Do you have knowledge, Ms. Yates, of that federal investigation?

YATES: I don’t, and if I did, I couldn’t tell you about it.

BLUMENTHAL: I thought that might be your answer.

Finally, you said, Ms. Yates, that we’re not going to prosecute our way out of the Russian continued attack on this country. But putting Americans in prison if they cooperate, collude, aid and abet or otherwise assist in that illegality might send a very strong deterrent message, correct?

YATES: I expect that it would, yes.

BLUMENTHAL: And there are indeed criminal penalties existing on the books, we don’t need new laws, which involve criminality and potential criminal prosecution for those acts, correct?

YATES: Yes, that’s right.

BLUMENTHAL: Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman

The laws which Sen. Blumenthal mentioned are the sedition laws under “18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 – TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES” which has it’s roots in the Sedition Act of 1918, the Espionage Act of 1917 and the Alien Registration Act of 1940. The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the Sedition Act in 1919 and it was repealed in 1920 but not before Eugene Debbs was imprisoned with it. What remains reads something like this:

Treason: Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

Rebellion or Insurrection: Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

This is terrifying stuff for a truth activist and a blogger to write about and the fact that they saved it for last and got it in there so it could be part of the record of this hearing sends a dark and foreboding message all on it’s own.

The Russian “interference” is nothing more than the truth about certain topics being openly discussed in public. The “hacking” did nothing more than show the truth about what Hillary Clinton, the DNC and John Podesta did to rig the primaries and steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders and go on to expose still more corruption of their unDemocratic Party’s candidate.

What Sen. Blumenthal did, and what Clapper and Yates were uncomfortable taking part in, was to issue a direct threat to folks like myself writing about politics in the U.S. and this topic specifically.

But I never was able to take a hint.

The message is perfectly clear: the foundations of their empire are becoming unstable as they rest on a pile of hypocrisy, disinformation and lies so anyone speaking of these things does so at their own peril. This is Naomi Wolf’s 9th step in her “10 Steps to Fascism” study:

Cast dissent as “treason” and criticism as “espionage’. Every closing society does this, just as it elaborates laws that increasingly criminalize certain kinds of speech and expand the definition of “spy” and “traitor”.” Naomi Wolf

Sen. Richard Blumenthal elaborated on the laws that criminalize certain types of speech. It made Clapper uncomfortable. It made Sally Yates uncomfortable. It should make us all uncomfortable.

It has been said that “truth is treason in an empire of lies” and that statement from Dr. Paul couldn’t be more appropriate than it is right now.

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Thank you all so much

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Lockheed Martin-Funded Experts Agree: South Korea Needs More Lockheed Martin Missiles

Mon, 05/08/2017 - 15:52

by Adam Johnson, FAIR

As tensions between the United States and North Korea continue to rise, one think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), has become a ubiquitous voice on the topic of missile defense, providing Official-Sounding Quotes to dozens of reporters in Western media outlets. All of these quotes speak to the urgent threat of North Korea and how important the United States’s deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile system is to South Korea:

  • “THAADs are tailored to those medium-range threats that North Korea has in spades—North Korea regularly demonstrates that kind of capability,” says Thomas Karako, the director of the Missile Defense Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “THAADs are exactly the kind of thing that you would want for a regional area.” (Wired, 4/23/17)
  • But [CSIS’s Karako] called [THAAD] an important first step. “This is not about having a perfect shield, this is about buying time and thereby contributing to the overall credibility of deterrence,” Karako told AFP. (France24, 5/2/17)
  • THAAD is a decent option, says Thomas Karako, director of the Missile Defense Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, citing a perfect intercept record in trials to date. (Christian Science Monitor, 7/21/16)
  • Seeing THAAD as a “natural consequence” of an evolving threat from North Korea, Bonnie Glaser, a senior adviser for Asia at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), told VOA that Washington should continue to tell Beijing “this system is not aimed at China … and [China] will just have to live with this decision.” (Voice of America, 3/22/17)
  • Victor Cha, a Korea expert and former White House official now at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, played down the chances that THAAD would be rolled back. “If THAAD is deployed prior to the elections and given the North Korean missile threat, I don’t think it would be prudent for a new government to ask that it be walked back,” Cha said. (Reuters, 3/10/17)
  • Thomas Karako, senior fellow with the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said China’s indirect, retaliatory measures over the THAAD deployment would only stiffen the resolve of South Korea. He called the Chinese intervention “short-sighted.” (Voice of America, 1/23/17)

The list goes on. In the past year, FAIR has noted 30 media mentions of CSIS pushing the THAAD missile system or its underlying value proposition in US media, most of them in the past two months. Business Insider was the most eager venue for the think tank’s analysts, routinely copyingandpasting CSIS talking points in stories warning of the North Korean menace.

Omitted from all these CSIS media appearances, however, is that one of CSIS’s top donors, Lockheed Martin, is THAAD’s primary contractor—Lockheed Martin’s take from the THAAD system is worth about $3.9 billion alone. Lockheed Martin directly funds the Missile Defense Project Program at CSIS, the program whose talking heads are cited most frequently by US media…

[read more here]


Marco Rubio Introduces Bill To Allot $20M Toward Regime Change in Venezuela

Mon, 05/08/2017 - 11:08

(All those Young Republican protesters and corrupt opposition parties need to get paid. Color revolutions aren’t cheap baby.)

from Mint Press News

This week’s bipartisan Venezuela Humanitarian Assistance and Defense of Democratic Governance Act not only seeks to pump US$10 million to Venezuela as part of a “humanitarian assistance” package but also looks to provide millions to efforts to undermine the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

The bill also allots an additional US$10 million for ‘democracy promotion,’ including “US$500,000 to carry out the activities … with the Organization of American States to ensure credible international observation that contributes to free, fair, and transparent democratic electoral processes in Venezuela” and “US$9,500,000 to carry out the activities … directly, or through nongovernmental organizations to defend internationally recognized human rights … support the efforts of independent media outlets … facilitate open and uncensored access to the Internet … and to combat corruption.”

As part of the 11 section plan, the legislation aims to support the move by the head of the Organization of American States, OAS, Luis Almagro, to invoke the “Democratic Charter” against the country. The bill states that Maduro’s government and Venezuela’s Supreme Tribunal of Justice have “carried out systematic efforts to undermine, block, and circumvent the authorities and responsibilities of the Venezuelan National Assembly as mandated by the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”…

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