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Breaking: Reina Nightclub Attacker Captured In Istanbul

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Mon, 01/16/2017 - 18:32
As my husband would say... "It looks like he fell down" 

The publication of this image is yet another message- To whoever's killer this is. And it ain't ISIS!
And yes it looks to be the same man that made the video in Taksim Square- I'll repost the image below.

Daily Sabah
Reina nightclub attacker Abdulgadir Masharipov, who killed 39 people in a nightclub attack in Istanbul on New Year's Eve, was captured by Turkish security forces late Monday.

The Uzbek attacker was caught in a Daesh terror cell in Esenyurt district of Istanbul after a weeks-long intense hunt conducted by the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT) and Istanbul police. According to reports, Masharipov's 4-year-old son was with him in the cell during the arrest.BREAKING— The moment when Istanbul Reina nightclub attacker was arrested by Turkish security forces caught on camera— DAILY SABAH (@DailySabah) January 16, 2017 After staging the attack on the nightclub, the terrorist went to a house in Zeytinburnu, where his wife and children were brought to. Masharipov then took his 4-year-old son and went missing.Sad to think this man took his child to use as cover..
"We said goodbye to each other and he left the house," Masharipov's wife told anti-terror police during her interrogation.

Previous reports have said that after attacking Reina, Masharipov went to Zeytinburnu with a taxi and asked workers at a local Uighur restaurant to give money to the driver. Uighurs were among those detained after the attack, while the owner of the restaurant, identified as Şemsettin Dursun, has denied any connection to the attack.>
 The Uzbek attacker was caught in his Kyrgyz friend's house in Esenyurt district of Istanbul.>
 The assailant, who has been on the run since the Reina nightclub attack on December 31, was reportedly transferred to Istanbul Police headquarters.

The arrested suspect will be questioned, amongst other things, about possible links to “foreign intelligence services.” Just before the raid, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister, Numan Kurtulmus, once again voiced Ankara’s suspicion that Masharipov could not have perpetrated the attack without outside help.

“It appears the Reina attack is not just a terrorist organization's act, but there was also an intelligence organization involved,” Kurtulmus told A Haber broadcaster on Monday, Reuters reports. “It was an extremely planned and organized act.”An intelligence organization was involved! I do not doubt this one bit!
I had mentioned repeatedly this seemed most plausible- The attack had embedded in it so many warnings/messages to Turkey- A few of the more obvious ones I had caught, but, I bet there were more?

 Santa Claus- completely bogus media planted story, but a message

The delivery of a "gift". Western style. Christianity vs Islam.
The video shot in Taksim Square

The suspect is pictured wearing a heavy hooded jacket and staring coldly into the camera, on a street thought to be just off Taksim Square, before the massacre on New Year's Eve.

The killer is taunting Turkey's leadership and Turkey, the nation.
 Taksim square was the site of a large pro-Turkey gathering after the coup attempt
The Club at the base of the bridge renamed after the coup

It was earlier mentioned that this club has a wonderful view of the bridge across the Bosporus renamed for all those that died at the hands of coup plotters-

"The bridge is itself now haunted by history and named after the victims of the failed July 15 coup attempt after it became the site of fierce battles between plotters and protesters"
And finally Turk against Turk... Gulen against Erdogan.
A divided people- Divided nation Uzbeki's and Uighers are Turkic people

Embedded messages.... 

Two Uighers had been arrested a few days ago..

In Istanbul court on Friday arrested two foreign nationals linked to the deadly attack on an Istanbul nightclub on New Year's Eve.
Two suspects Omar Asim and Abuliezi Abuduhamiti, who are Chinese citizens, are accused of "being a member of an armed terror organization," and "helping 39 times first-degree-murder".Which intelligence agency/ies were involved? CIA? Mossad? British Intelligence?

 This was a planned attack with embedded messages- That's how I saw it. And that's what I said in this post : ISIS responsible for Istanbul Night Club Attack? About that Santa Meme...
 From Earlier- Don't Miss it!Why Russia Might Want the Cyprus Talks to Fail?
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Why Russia Might Want the Cyprus Talks to Fail?

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Mon, 01/16/2017 - 15:41
Bloomberg view

It’s an interesting read, so, do read it all at the link above. While the Russians may wish to maintain the status quo, concerning Cyprus, it is not likely, in my opinion, they want open warfare in Cyprus. This would not serve their interests. I can understand where the status quo suits them just fine. This is tied to Egypt, Turkey, NATO, the EU and more.
Of course, share some thoughts
What has been billed as the last chance for Greek and Turkish Cypriots to reunite the island nation appears to be tantalizingly within reach -- but it might not get there without a nod from Russia.   Now, Greece, Turkey and the U.K., which has bases in Cyprus, are the guarantor states of a military status quo. Along with the leaders of the two Cypriot states, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker took part in the talks in Geneva this week. After breaking down on Thursday, the talks are scheduled to pick up next week at a lower level.Flashback:   Greek Minister Responsible for Derailing Cyprus Talks: Obvious Provocation!

Russia offered to attend but it wasn't invited; there's no formal reason for that. Yet there are plenty of informal ones for Moscow's interest in the Cyprus process. Though Russia has officially voiced support for a settlement, the final deal -- depending on which way it sways -- could hurt its many interests in the region.About 40,000 Russians live on the island, which has a population of 800,000. They own real estate and businesses in both the Greek-run and Turkish-run areas. Thanks to its history as an offshore haven for post-Soviet money, tiny Cyprus is officially the biggest source of foreign direct investment in Russia. According to the Russian central bank, in the second quarter of 2016 (the latest for which data are available), it accounted for $2.8 billion in investment, more than twice as much as the next country. They are also a major source of tourist revenue for Cyprus. According to the Cyprus government, 525,000 Russians visited the island in 2015; only Britain provides more tourists. In short, Cyprus is an important place for Russia and Russians. But reunification would only benefit Moscow under certain conditions.Russia seeks to weaken and divide the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, but a settlement could strengthen it by resolving a longstanding conflict between Greece and Turkey -- members both . It could also mean an end to Russia's military foothold in the region, gained in 2015 when Cyprus opened its ports to Russian warships taking part in anti-piracy and anti-terrorist operations. The U.K. has criticized the move. Russia hasn't used the official agreement to help its military action in Syria, but it appears to have used Cyprus ports to smuggle jet fuel to Syria despite an EU President Vladimir Putin is also seeking to forge an energy partnership with Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to sell gas to southern Europe, but reunification threatens to clear the way for a competing one. Big natural gas discoveries in the eastern Mediterranean and a warming of relations between Israel and Turkey made the construction of a pipeline carrying Israeli gas to Turkey a possibility -- though the Greek government of Cyprus has linked the pipeline to reunification.The competing pipeline would involve Israel.. mentioned in this post
Flashback : Israel-Turkey pipeline hangs on Cyprus peace talks- A Fail Benefits Russia

All of these interests have naturally created suspicions about Russia's role in the unification process. The local press has reported that the Russian ambassador, Stanislav Osadchiy, recently attended an anti-unification political gathering and was applauded by its participants. After that, the Cypriot foreign ministry reportedly demanded an explanation. More likely, however, Russia is merely signaling -- as it has often done in recent years -- that it will need to be consulted for a successful result to be achieved. The success of the Geneva talks, which the UN envoy on Cyprus has called "the moment of truth," hinges on the resolution of tangled property issues -- but at this point, that's not what's holding up the deal. Greek Cypriots are against any special security guarantees for the reunited island, which will be an EU member. Turkey, however, insists on its guarantor status.Since the Turkish Cypriots are in the minority, the guarantor status seems like something they would want. It has also been reported the Turkish Cypriots want some Turkish troops to remain. 
A complete breakdown of the talks would be fine with Putin/Russia. (But not open warfare) It would preserve and perhaps deepen the Greek-Turkish rift within NATO, ( keeping Turkey in Russia's sphere of influence and weaken NATO) stave off gas pipeline projects in the eastern Mediterranean, (reduce competition) allow Russia to keep Cyprus as the EU playground for its business and a neutral but friendly port of call for its ships. If reunification does finally take place, Russia will need to know how its interests will be protected. What it clearly doesn't want is for NATO to be strengthened and for Cyprus to join it -- a possibility after unification. If Moscow is not satisfied, it could undermine the deal both inside Cyprus and in the UN. As mentioned, that small island figures larger in the region then many realize
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When A Fugitive Dies, "Blue Privilege" Makes All the Difference

freedominourtime - Sun, 01/15/2017 - 11:48

Pleasant Grove, Utah resident Ashleigh Holloway Best killed herself in the early hours of May 17, 2016 when she lost control of the stolen 2002 Lincoln Navigator she was driving and plowed it into a tree. The man who was pursuing the thief, Kenneth Lee Drew, was the authorized representative of the vehicle’s lawful owner. On January 11, Drew was sentenced to prisonbecause the thief foolishly killed herself. 
If Drew had been a government-employed law enforcement officer, rather than a private repossession agent, he would likely have received a hazardous duty commendation following Best’s admittedly tragic death. After all, police officers in Utah and elsewhere routinely use lethal force in dealing with citizens who seek to avoid being physically “repossessed” by agents of the state that supposedly owns them. Most of those cases don’t involve people being pursued for actual crimes, such as automobile theft. 
Like too many families, the Bests had been overwhelmed by financial reverses and had fallen behind in their car payments. They reportedly were helping care for ailing relatives, and had only one family vehicle. The desperation that gave rise to Ashleigh’s self-destructive decision is as understandable as her actions were inexcusable. 
By giving pursuit once Best fled with a car she no longer lawfully owned, Drew acted imprudently. It has never been proven that he deliberately forced Best off the road at the end of the chase, which would have been both criminally irresponsible and self-defeating. In addition to the fact that it is perverse to risk killing someone to recover a stolen car, ramming a vehicle one is seeking to repossess makes no economic sense. It’s likely that Drew’s regrettable decision was a product of frustration, rather than malice.
Foolish choice, tragic death: Ashleigh Best. If he had called the police to report an auto theft, the outcome for Best might well have been identical – but the state operative whose actions led to the fatal crash would be protected by the pernicious legal fiction called “qualified immunity.” That privilege enjoyed by state-licensed plunderers is not extended to private property recovery agents, whose jobs are both unpleasant and frequently dangerous
“There was [sic] lots of mistakes made that night,” insisted Brennan Best, Ashleigh’s widower, after Drew was sentenced. “I don’t think what was done [to Ashleigh] was done on purpose. But I do believe we all need to be accountable for our own actions.”
Drew made a horrible, perhaps unforgivable, mistake. Brennan and Ashleigh Best conspired to commit a crime – theft through fraud.
According to the investigative summary in Drew’s indictment, when he arrived at about midnight to reclaim property for which the Bests were no longer making contractually required payments, Brennan interfered with the repossession and demanded an opportunity to make a new arrangement with the creditor. Drew agreed with that proposal, and began processing the necessary forms. While the repo agent was thus preoccupied, Best covertly instructed his wife to take the automobile to a relative’s home. 
At that point, Mr. Best became an accomplice in grand larceny: At that point, pending completion of a new payment plan, the automobile was the property of the creditor. If Best had been sincere in his offer to Drew, there was no need to abscond with the vehicle. (In fact, if the couple had filed for Chapter 7bankruptcy, they could have avoided repossession of the Navigator.) 
After Ashleigh climbed into the car and sped off, Brennan, abetted the theft by “trying to place himself in front” of Drew’s tow truck “to prevent it from following the Navigator,” according to the police account. Ashleigh’s conduct suggests that her husband had instructed her to “drive it like you stole it” – which, in fact, was precisely what she had done. 
If her excursion had been innocent, the guilty-minded driver would not have endangered the lives of others by careening through residential streets at speeds of up to seventy miles an hour. Drew acted with culpable recklessness as well – but Brennan Best is criminallyliable in the death of his wife, whether or not state functionaries will admit as much. 
Unlike police officers in similar situations, Drew – a private peace officer enforcing a legitimate property rights claim – was not offered “Garrity” protections, which would have meant that his initial statement to police could only be used for disciplinary action, rather than criminal prosecution. Nor was he allowed the luxury of reviewing video records of the incident prior to speaking with investigators, another perk extended to police in Utah and elsewhere. 
Because of this, Drew’s grief-stricken, guilt-ridden disclosures were critically scrutinized by police eager to build a criminal case. If he had been a fellow member of the Punitive Priesthood, Drew’s equivocations and self-contradictions would have been seen as evidence of trauma, rather than proof of criminal intent. 
“I’ve never seen a repo agent be this aggressive,” insistedPleasant Grove Police Lt. Britt Smith shortly after Drew’s arrest. This is only true to the extent that Smith fails to perceive his costumed comrades as “repo agents” of a sort – because lethally aggressive tactics of the kind Drew allegedly used are quite commonplace. 

Investigators claimed, but have not proved, that Drew forced Best off the road using a variation of a PIT (Precision Immobilization Technique) maneuver. A PIT maneuver is to be used only in situations where deadly force is justified. Yet hyper-aggressive police in Utah employ that tactic frequently; one recentincident of that kind involved a driver suspected of driving while intoxicated. Another episode, interestingly, involved recovery of a stolen car.
Almost six years to the day before the avoidable, largely self-inflicted death of Ashleigh Best, South Jordan Police Officer Jared Nichols used a PIT maneuver in an effort to trap an SUV driven by Wade Pennington in a cul-de-sac. Pennington, who was on probation and had a court hearing scheduled a few days later, was being pursued without cause by Officers Nichols and Brett Lopez. The official story was that they suspected him of theft, but their supervisor, Sgt. Allen Crist, found no evidence to support that suspicion. 
Crist explicitly ordered Nichols not to pursue Pennington, but that order was ignored. “I’m going to take him out,” Nichols saidjust a few minutes before trapping Pennington. He and Lopez went “gun-up” to make a felony stop, despite the fact that their target was not suspected of a felony. 
After Nichols t-boned Pennington’s SUV, Lopez emerged with a drawn gun and screamed at the driver to “get on the ground – stay where I can see you.” At roughly the same time, Nichols unloaded on Pennington at point-blank range. Immediately after shooting the victim, Nichols snarled, “Freeze, Wade! I’m going to shoot you. Get down on the f***ing ground!”
Pennington was murdered – no other word is adequate – because he was trying to comply with Lopez’s demands. The officer who murdered him spat out two contradictory commands afterfiring the deadly shots. 
The last words Pennington heard were a sadistic taunt hurled at him by Lopez: “You’re dead, mother****r!”

Nichols and Lopez were cleared by their department within 72 hours. Despite having the opportunity to refresh their memories by watching dashcam video of the chase and subsequent killing, the officers told stories that were self-contradictory, and contradicted each other. 
Lopez was eventually fired for violating the department’s high-speed chase policy, but never faced criminal prosecution. As a matter of equity, the same punishment would have been appropriate for Kenneth Drew, who violated his company’s policy by pursuing a vehicle he had been sent to repossess. The only other morally suitable option would have been for Lopez and Nichols to serve the same sentence imposed on Drew. 

Officer Nichols not only avoided prosecution, he was promoted. The murder of Wade Pennington was the second time Nichols had slaughtered an unarmed man after immobilizing his vehicle in a parking lot: He had followed almost exactly the same procedure in executing Darren Neil Greuber, who like Pennington was a parolee, in 2007. The investigating officer who had cleared Nichols in the Greuber killing, West Jordan PD Sergeant Michael S. Leary, performed the same right of absolution after Nicholas gunned down Pennington two years later.
As someone not invested with Blue Privilege and buoyed by the financial support of a police union, Drew was maneuvered into pleading guilty to manslaughter as part of a plea bargain in which prosecutors asked for a suspended prison sentence. 
Utah Fourth District Judge Robert Lunnen, a callow, vindictive jurist who had been on the bench for less than a month, discarded that plea agreement, imposing a sentence of one to fifteen years in prison. The obscenely severe sentence, I suspect, reflects the hostility of tax-fattened functionaries toward those who challenge the State’s monopoly on “justice.”

This week's Freedom Zealot Podcast examines the death of Ashleigh Best, the murder of Wade Pennington, and other examples official privilege:

Please be sure to visit the Libertarian Institute, and share the site with your friends.

Dum spiro, pugno!

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Greek Minister Responsible for Derailing Cyprus Talks: Obvious Provocation!

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sun, 01/15/2017 - 10:13
I’ve been trying to keep tabs on the Cyprus talks. It’s not easy, time constraints etc.,
It seems to me that Cyprus is being used to provoke Turkey.
The media here is pushing the usual “bad Turkey” meme.  That’s not exactly the case.
 I’ll shed some light on that fact!

With one qualifier- I worry for the people, on that beautiful island, what lengths the UK and Greece will go to to further provoke Turkey. Frightening.
For more background read the relinked post from earlier in the week. That tiny island has an oversized importance in the region
Israel-Turkey pipeline hangs on Cyprus peace talks- A Fail Benefits Russia
A reply to Ally, yesterday:

PennyJanuary 14, 2017 at 3:01 PMI'm starting to think Cyprus is being used as another front in the war against Turkey..
I notice the slanted news- Turkey won't withdraw troops from Cyprus- scream the headlines- but neither will Greece or UK- so obviously Turkey isn't going to- But the focus is on "bad Turkey"

rather then what is actually ocurring
The news story below made  clear, my suspicions had been correct

Greek minister blamed for derailing Cyprus talksGreek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias will be kept out of future negotiations to reunify Cyprus after he “went rogue” and disrupted fragile talks in Geneva last week, according to two officials who follow the talks closely.Went rogue did he? Nice spin. He was intentionally provocative.

ProvocateurThe next political meeting on how to ensure Cyprus’ security and independence, which has not yet been scheduled, will be between heads of government rather than foreign ministers. Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras can represent his country following complaints by the United Nations and others about Kotzias’ behavior last Thursday.This may be a move to get Erdogan out of the Turkey...for some nefarious reason.. Perhaps another coup attempt? An assassination?
The first-ever conference between Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders and the three countries charged with guaranteeing the Cyprus’ security and independence — Greece, Turkey and the U.K. — ended unexpectedly after just one day of talks.
The setback underscored the hard work that remains after 20 months of negotiations between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders, facilitated by the U.N. Both sides and the U.N. still insist it’s a matter of weeks, not months, before they reach a deal. However, they have only just started to broach the divide between Athens and Ankara, both of which will ultimately have to sign off on the agreement.Kotzias holds presserDespite weeks of shuttle diplomacy between the United Nations, the two Cypriot leaders and the three guarantor countries to lay the ground for a Cyprus peace deal at the negotiations in Geneva last week, Kotzias entered the conference with surprise demands for Turkey and Turkish Cypriots, including the full and quick withdrawal of Turkish forces, and reiterated them at an impromptu press conference during a break in the talks.
This was where we got all the headlines here screaming Turkey refuses to withdraw troops...
Kotzias waltzes into a meeting with a pile of outrageous demands and then holds a press conference- Provocation 
The Tsipras government seemed to soften Greece’s position on Friday in an informal position paper, stressing that Athens is determined to protect the “considerable momentum” built toward a “just and viable” deal to reunify Cyprus.Tsipras to play 'good cop" -Tsipras is a lackey
“In constant coordination and cooperation with the Republic of Cyprus, we will continue to process and put forward proposals based on the principles we have proclaimed in the areas of guarantees and security, in which we are involved,” the document said, adding that “aggressive” statements have no place in the talks. Kotzias’ comments angered Nicos Anastasiades, the Greek Cypriot leader and Cyprus’ internationally recognized president, who didn’t know about the press conference, and raised tension when the conference resumed on Thursday evening. Past 24 hours
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ISIS Launches New assault on Deir al- Zour Syria- Flashback Inc

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sat, 01/14/2017 - 18:35
"Islamic State" aka KurdISHIS militants launched their biggest assault in a year on government-held areas of the contested city of Deir el-Zour Saturday, attacking from several fronts and triggering intense fighting in the eastern region bordering Iraq, the Syrian government and opposition activists said.
Syrian state TV said three people were killed and nine were wounded in Islamic State rocket attacks on several neighborhoods of the city.
Intense fighting broke out between Syrian troops and the extremist group’s fighters both inside the city and around the vicinity of a nearby military airport controlled by government forces. The militants had launched their multi-pronged attack starting from the area of Baghaliyeh near the northwestern tip of the city. Deir el-Zour carries strategic significance for the Islamic State as it links the group’s Iraq territory to its de facto capital of Raqqa in Syria.

So, ISIS wants to connect Iraqi territory to Raqqa, Syria. Come on!
With the YPG/PKK steadily advancing on Raqqa? This is the KurdIShIS trying to connect territory for the Greater Kurdistan/Israel 2.0 project that the US and Israel have not given up on!

The Islamic State (IS) group on Saturday launched one of its fiercest assaults yet on the besieged Syrian city of Deir Ezzor, leaving more than 30 government fighters and militants dead.
The brutal attack - on a day that saw many outbreaks of violence across Syria  - came as the political opposition said it "supported" forthcoming peace talks in the Kazakh capital Astana.
Unleashing a wave of suicide attacks, rockets, and tunnel bombs, IS killed at least 12 government forces and two civilians in Deir Ezzor, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
#UPDATE Over 30 dead as IS attacks city in east Syria: monitor  Syrian state news agency SANA said the army was repelling attacks by IS along several frontlines, including around the military airport controlled by the government.  "Daesh is amassing its forces to attack Deir Ezzor and breach government lines," a Syrian military source told AFP, using the Arabic acronym for IS. At Wadi Barada:
"Water supplies from the area to 5.5 million people in the capital and its outskirts have been cut since 22 December because of "... US backed terrorists - This is a  no spin blog, remember that. "Rebels and government troops had reached a local agreement on Friday so that water access could be restored"And then the terrorists supported by US/UK and Israel..killed the Syrian government chief negotiator by shooting him immediately after the meeting!

State news agency SANA on Saturday said that the government's chief negotiator in Wadi Barada, Ahmad al-Ghadban, was killed when "terrorists opened fire... after a meeting".  The Observatory confirmed Ghadban's death. Despicable! It seems the US and company are doing everything possible to destroy the ceasefire and ruin any chances for peace. From insisting YPG/PKK sit at the table in Astana to enabling their symbiotic proxy team to strike Deir al Ezor-

Deir al Ezor- Recall the US airstrikes killing all the Syrian Soldiers enabling ISIS to attack

From earlier: How the US loves it`s terrorists....
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If You Invite YPG/PKK May As Well Have ISIS at Astana too!

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sat, 01/14/2017 - 18:19
Cavusoglu speaks regarding US insistence for PKK/YPG at the peace table:

 "If you are going to invite a terror group to the table then you might as well invite Al Nusra and Daesh"

"We do not deny the US role and contribution (to the talks), but we expect the following from the new US administration: It must stop co-operating with terror groups," he said.

"The current (US) administration is making serious mistakes," he said. While Washington has played a key role in attempts to bring Syria's warring parties to the negotiating table in the past, it has been notably absent from the cooperation between Ankara and Moscow to broker a nationwide ceasefire that is meant to pave the way for the 23 January peace talks. Russia and Turkey are keen for a deal to end the conflict.
Washington is NOT making mistakes. Washington is making calculated moves. As it has all along. Washington has been notably absent from the cooperative deal to broker the Syrian ceasefire, between Turkey and Moscow, because Washington doesn't want a ceasefire or a peace deal. 

KurdIShIS has no place at peace talks

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Yet more "Fake News": ISIS Destroys Mosul Bridges? What's CNN Saying Here?

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Fri, 01/13/2017 - 19:10
"ISIS destroys Mosul bridges as troops advance"

Yes, that is the CNN headline. Except it's not correct. 
Unless CNN is telling us that ISIS is the US? Which is the truth. 
But, is that really what CNN is going for? Doubtful. 
 First paragraph of this fake news from CNN..
 "ISIS has destroyed all five bridges crossing the Tigris River in Mosul, an attempt to slow the advance of Iraqi troops toward the western side of the city, according to Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Yarallah, the commander of Iraqi Forces in Nineveh province" ISIS didn't destroy all five bridges crossing the Tigris. In fact they didn't destroy even one bridge in Mosul! The US did that! Yup they destroyed all five bridges across the Tigris.. 
All five of them. With airstrikes! As was reported in 2016. Here at the blog.
Mosul's Last Bridge Destroyed By Coalition Airstrikes- From 5 to None Mosul residents said on Wednesday that an airstrike had disabled the city’s last functioning bridge across the Tigris River, forcing residents to cross the waterway in boats.If the bridge is "disabled" to the point that it cannot be used to cross the river, it is destroyed!
Residents were crossing the waterway with boats because the bridge, the last bridge, was destroyed by US airstrikes, last year! Not by ISIS.
 So CNN's headline is a lie as is their first paragraph.. 
The residents said the airstrike happened at dawn on Monday. Iraqi and officials from the US-led coalition battling ISIL were not available to comment.
Activists from inside Mosul published pictures on Tuesday night of the metal bridge, known as the Old Bridge, showing its twisted girders sinking into the water as boats ferried residents from both banks. The bridge, which was built during the reign of King Ghazi in the 1930s, is considered one of the city’s iconic landmarks.

 Until recently, Mosul had five bridges spanning the Tigris River, which runs through the centre of the northern city. One was disabled in the weeks before the offensive to retake the city began on October 17, while the other four have since been bombed in airstrikes. Furthermore.. It was reported in Iraqi media that the US bombed the last bridge crossing the Tigris River in late November- November 24/2016
 US-led fighter jets destroyed on Thursday the last of five bridges linking the western bank of Tigris River with the eastern bank, practically isolating the east and west of Mosul. The Nineveh province council said airstrikes destroyed the so-called, iron “Old Bridge”, the last after four others were demolished in military airstrikes over the past few days. ISIS doesn't fly coalition planes. Or do they?
Readers here know the answer to that!

CNN has used an intentionally misleading headline and their entire first paragraph is false.
 Look Down
What CNN counts on to catapult their fake news aka perception management is that the vast majority of people skim headline or just read the first paragraph.

Here's the truth nugget "The bridges had already been damaged in airstrikes by the US-led coalition in recent weeks"

That's right! The bridges had already been "damaged"- Made unusable. Unpassable. Uncrossable. The bridges were destroyed by US led airstrikes- Not ISIS

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Breaking: Israel Attacks Syria... Yet Again

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 01/12/2017 - 20:02
RT as it unfolds

Undoubtedly in support of their terrorists..

Syrian state news agency SANA says Israeli jets have bombed the Mezzeh military airport west of Damascus, accusing Tel Aviv of supporting terrorism. The airport was rocked by multiple explosions, with ambulances rushing to the scene. The Syrian Arab Army has warned that there will be repercussions for Israel for the “flagrant attackon the military base, state TV said, citing a Syrian army command spokesman. It also linked the alleged strike to Israel’s “support of terrorist groups.”
The army said several missiles were fired at the Mezzeh airport’s compounds from the Lake Tiberias area in northern Israel at about 12am Friday. The strike reportedly damaged one of the compounds of the crucial military facility.
#BREAKING Israeli jets attacked Syria army base in Damascus as part of its 'support of terrorists groups: Sana news agency— Guy Elster (@guyelster) January 12, 2017#Breaking#Syria Army warns #Israel of "consequences of blatant attack on #Almazza Airport." says missiles used NOT F-35.— Ali Alimadadi
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Turkey, Russia sign agreement of coordinating air operations in Syria

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 01/12/2017 - 19:10

Turkey and Russia signed an agreement on Thursday to establish mechanisms and coordination for the safety of military aviation in Syria, the Turkish army said.
The meetings were held in Moscow between the Russian and Turkish military representatives to ensure the flight security during operations in Syria, the Turkish General Staff said in a statement on its website.
"The purpose of the deal is to specify the mechanisms for coordination and cooperation for flight safety of the Russian Aerospace Forces and Turkish Air Force during offensive against terrorist targets," the statement said.
Ankara and Moscow are experiencing improved relations after Turkey and Russia brokered a nationwide peace deal in Syria.
A nationwide cease-fire deal in Syria was reached in December 2016 with the efforts of the two countries.
Russia reportedly began hitting the Islamic State (IS) positions near al-Bab.
The Russian support came after Turkey criticized the U.S.-led international coalition for not backing its military offensive against IS.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin are also likely to meet next month within the scope of a Turkey-Russia High Level Cooperation Council (HLCC) meeting, the Daily Sabah reported citing a diplomatic source.
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Israel-Turkey pipeline hangs on Cyprus peace talks- A Fail Benefits Russia

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Wed, 01/11/2017 - 18:52

A behind the scenes peek into some wranglings over resource control. Share some thoughts?

The greatest beneficiary of a failure in Geneva would be Russia and its efforts to further expand its widening strategic footprint in the Eastern Mediterranean.

"Israel hopes to market its natural gas to Turkey, and via Turkey to the EU, but this aim may hang on the outcome of the potentially historic Cypriot peace negotiations currently underway in Geneva. Since an undersea gas pipeline from Israel’s Leviathan natural gas field to Turkey requires crossing Cyprus’s economic exclusion zone, failure to reach an agreement could force Israel to return to an older plan of marketing its natural gas via Egypt. However, in the new energy and geopolitical realities of the region that emerged in 2016, Israel’s selection of Egypt as its major export option could result in the Russia’s rise as a central player in Eastern Mediterranean energy.

The divided island of Cyprus has a “once in a generation” opportunity to resolve the conflict and unite the island. Greek Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades and his Turkish counterpart Mustafa Akinci have worked assiduously toward an enduring solution, narrowing the gap between the two sides on the most vexing issues blocking reunification. The current talks between the parties in Geneva will turn into an international conference on January 12 to include the three guarantor powers – Turkey, Greece, and the United Kingdom – for the first time since 1960.  I was surprised to even see the UK’s role as a guarantor power mentioned in JP. There role has been mentioned her previously, but the media, always portrays this as a power struggle between two parties only Greece and Turkey. Usually omitting the UK’s role.

 It’s  also being reported that the UK is willing to give up some of it’s territory which includes farmland- But don’t touch our military bases used to bomb Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria! Is Britain generous offer being made to insure success of the peace talks, simultaneously blocking Russia's massive market moves?

Daily Mail

However, while Greek and Turkish Cypriot positions are closer than ever before, there has emerged a widening gap between their guarantors in Athens and Ankara. The attempt to arrive at a settlement at this singularly exceptional moment could falter on Greece and Turkey’s failure to agree on the issue of guarantees.

The greatest beneficiary of a failure in Geneva would be Russia and its efforts to further expand its widening strategic footprint in the Eastern Mediterranean.

With international attention during 2016 focused on Russia’s pivotal role in the Syrian peace process, many have missed Russia’s strategic advance farther south in the eastern Mediterranean. Moscow’s late 2016 gains have come via two major energy deals concluded with Cairo, agreements that deepen Russo-Egyptian ties in a manner that affects the strategic interests of both Israel and Turkey.

On December 12, 2016, the Italian energy giant Eni agreed to sell a 30% stake in the Zohr natural gas field off Egypt’s coast to Russia’s Rosneft for US$1.575 billion.I know my anonymous commenter is aware of this news... pretty sure you mentioned it?

The largest gas find in the Eastern Mediterranean, Egypt’s Zohr field contains 850 billion cubic centimeters of natural gas, 36% more than Israel’s Leviathan field. Rosneft will become the second largest stakeholder in Zohr, which is expected to start producing gas by late 2017. Moscow also maintains an option to buy an additional 5% share in the field.

While most of the gas produced at Zohr is slated for Egypt’s domestic market, natural gas from Zohr or neighboring suppliers such as Israel and Cyprus can now supply Egypt’s dormant liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants, potentially rendering Egypt again into a net natural gas exporter. If Egypt became an LNG supplier to Europe, it could undercut the importance of Turkey’s Trans-Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP), which, as the main pipeline of the Southern Gas Corridor extending from Azerbaijan to Greece, Albania, and Italy, is designated to transport natural gas from the Caspian Sea to the EU.

While the EU regards the Southern Gas Corridor as a transit corridor to reduce its critical dependency on Russia for its natural gas imports, Ankara’s ambition is also to use TANAP to become an energy hub for the distribution of natural gas from the Caspian Basin and Middle East to Europe. To thwart these developments, Russia has sought a role in developing and marketing Eastern Mediterranean gas, including repeated Russian overtures to Israel to partner in the development of Israel’s gas industry.

Moscow’s breakthrough in the region came via Cairo and not Jerusalem. After the December 12 agreement for Rosneft’s purchase of a 30% share in the Zohr field, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s office highlighted the new level of Russo-Egyptian cooperation stating: “The president reaffirmed Egypt’s commitment to cooperate with Russian companies in all spheres, including [the] oil and gas sector[s], taking into account the immense experience and potential of Russian companies.”

The gas deal came on the heels of the November 19, 2016 agreement between Cairo and Moscow for Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy company Rosatom to build Egypt’s first nuclear power plant in Dabaa on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast. Scheduled for completion in 2022, the additional electricity produced by the Dabaa plant could reduce Egypt’s need to generate electricity from natural gas for its own domestic market thereby making more gas available for LNG exports to Europe.Nuclear power for Egypt.

Although Turkey constitutes Israel’s most commercially viable natural gas market, a failure in Geneva would lead Israel and the Republic of Cyprus government in south Cyprus, which controls the Aphrodite offshore gas field, to look for alternative ways to export natural gas to Europe. Both countries desperately need to secure a stable export market in order to finance the development of their gas industries. In this circumstance, Russia would have a strong strategic interest to incentivize Israel and the government in south Cyprus to export gas via Egypt in order to gain greater influence over non-Russian supply sources and routes to the EU natural gas market.

The future pattern of energy relations in the Eastern Mediterranean awaits the outcome in Geneva.
Interesting, no? 

From Earlier:
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Syrian Peace Talks : January 23rd Kazakhstan

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Wed, 01/11/2017 - 18:16

ASTANA, January 11. /TASS/. Kazakhstan confirms its readiness to host the talks on the Syrian settlement in Astana, the country’s Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov said during the open debate in the UN Security Council on Tuesday.

"Once again the Kazakh leadership’s readiness was confirmed to provide a venue for talks in Astana on establishing peace in Syria," the country’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

During the debate on conflict prevention and sustaining peace, the Kazakh side drew the attention of participants to "the importance of joint efforts of preventive diplomacy, promoting and enhancing measures of trust, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, resolving conflicts and countering international terrorism," the ministry said.

The talks on Syria in Astana are scheduled to be held on January 23Of course I'll be following those talks

It’s being reported the “rebels” prefer to talk at the UN sponsored Geneva talks

"Behind the scenes we know that the opposition is not keen on these talks," Al Jazeera's Stefanie Dekker, reporting from Gaziantep on the Turkish side of the Syria-Turkey border, said.

"What they want to attend is the UN-sponsored talks in Geneva scheduled for February," she added.

"We are hearing that perhaps a low-level delegation by the Free Syrian Army and the High Negotiations Committee bloc could attend. At the same time, they are saying if violations of the ceasefire in besieged areas continue they will not do that."
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MSM Employs Fake News Tactic. Wags the Long Dead Nazi

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Wed, 01/11/2017 - 12:21
This guy is supposed to have died 16 years ago, allegedly. 
But like Bin Laden and Baghdadi he will live again.. Because, the media chooses to make him real. Catapulting the propaganda- To keep specific themes alive
This non news story aka fake news is making the rounds globally today. 
As it did just a few years ago.  As covered here in 2013!
I’m counting 11 reports in the past 8 hours.







Link- Times of Israel


Digital Journal



As already mentioned the media also decided to employ the same fake news/wag the nazi tactic in 2013.I ridiculed the fake news then, same as today.

Israel & surrounding region Psyops, Propaganda, a nazi in Syria & more

To be fair the fake news of the day in 2013 absurdly entertained the possibility the man was still alive- rolls eyes It’s amazing just how often the news repeats... didn’t realize it till I began PFYT, but, there it is! My commentary from 2013- It applies just as well to this replay in 2017

“Simon Weisenthal Centre claims Alois was "last spotted in 2001"
When he was a spry 88 years old?
This stuff is tired. It's past its due date.
The only reason it's here is to point out the obvious propaganda in this theme. The reinforcement through repetition. And to make clear it is time to stop reacting and start thinking rationally”

Is there a hashtag in it for the twits on twitter?
Shakes head- The msm makes critiquing it just too easy
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The Perverse Ingenuity, and Routine Lawlessness, of Law Enforcers

freedominourtime - Wed, 01/11/2017 - 09:42

Enforcers of drug prohibition can be perversely ingenious in devising methods to subvert due process guarantees. One tactic widely employed by police officers looking for a way to circumvent the Fourth Amendment is to intimidate a subject into giving the officers permission to invade the rights of others – such as residents of an apartment building, or passengers in an automobile. That ruse has been rebuffed in two recent state Supreme Court rulings.

Police officers in Berlin, Connecticut who conducted a warrantless search of an apartment complex using a drug-detecting dog violated the Fourth Amendment, acknowledged a December 22ndruling from that state’s highest appellate court.

...but they can murder our dogs with impunity, natch. In May 2012, acting on an anonymous tip, police obtained permission from the owners and managers of an apartment complex to carry out what was called a “canine examination of the common areas of the building.” A drug-detecting dog named Zeusz was deployed in the hallway of each floor of the complex, and allowed to sniff at the bottom of each door. Zeusz displayed what is called a “passive alert” at unit 204, which prompted the officers to obtain a search warrant. This led to the discovery of several marijuana plants.

The Fourth Amendment’s definition of a reasonable search refers to a particular description of “the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized”; this language was designed to forbid the kind of general warrants that were commonly used by British military and customs officials in the years immediately prior to the colonial rebellion. By getting the owners of the apartment complex to authorize a warrantless search – waiving the rights of dozens of people to be secure in their individual domiciles -- the Berlin Police behaved less like their British forebears than their antecedents in Communist East Germany.

The trial court threw out the evidence seized in that search as the product of a Fourth Amendment violation. The State of Connecticut appealed the case to the state Supreme Court, which upheld the trial court’s decision. The ruling cited a long string of federal judicial precedents – including a recent ruling in a very similar case from Florida – describing the use of warrantless “canine sniffs” as a violation of common law property rights and the un-enumerated right to personal privacy.

Given that dozens or scores of SWAT raids occur, on average, every day in the American Soyuz, it’s clear that Americans cannot look upon their homes as a refuge from government abuse. They are at even greater risk when exercising their freedom of movement, given the predatory conduct of opportunistic police agencies empowered to seize cash and other property in the name of drug prohibition.

Gerald Cleverly was a passenger in a pickup truck driven by his friend Chris Jones when El Dorado, Kansas Police officer Brent Michael Buckley stopped them for not wearing seat belts. Buckley would later admit that he had executed a pretext stop for the purpose of arranging a “consensual” search of the vehicle and its occupants. Both Jones and Cleverly submitted to a pat-down search – which they were not legally required to do – and nothing was found.

Buckley issued the citation, and then – employing a deceptive tactic taught by police training programs such as Desert Snow– he told the motorist that although he was free to go, the officer wanted to ask “a few more questions” and requested permission to search the truck.

The purpose of what Desert Snow operatives call the “Roadside Conversation” tactic is to elicit potentially incriminating details from drivers who are ignorant of the fact that they have no legal responsibility to tell the officer anything. This also extends the traffic stop beyond its constitutionally permissible limit, allowing the officer to devise an “articulable suspicion” of criminal activity that will supposedly justify a “drug sweep” by a conveniently available K-9 handler. This charade inevitably ends with the dog “alerting” on something “suspicious,” which provides an excuse for a hands-on search of the vehicle.

This script was followed by El Dorado PD officers Buckley and Sam Huming, with the minor adaptation that a K-9 unit wasn’t necessary.

A search of the interior of Jones’s vehicle turned up no evidence of contraband. Since the driver had “consented” on behalf of his passenger, Cleverly was ordered out of the car and subjected to a second pat-down search. He was told that he was not free to leave and forbidden to use his cell phone, which means that he was in police custody, despite the officers’ subsequent claims to the contrary. A search of a cigarette package found a small amount of methamphetamine.

Idaho State Police Road Pirate Justin Klitch in action. Cleverly was arrested and later found guilty of drug possession and sentenced to eighteen months of probation. The court dismissed a motion to suppress the drug evidence on the grounds that it was produced through a consensual search. The Kansas Supreme Court has now reversed Cleverly’s conviction.

The rights protected by the Fourth Amendment and its state equivalent, wrote the court’s majority, belong to the individual and are “not merely inconvenient technicalities designed to irritate government agents.” Furthermore, “A driver of a vehicle subjected to a traffic stop does not have the authority, as a matter of law, to waive the Fourth Amendment rights of passengers in the stopped vehicle.”

Judicial rulings of this kind, while welcome, have little practical impact on the conduct of police and the prosecutors who eagerly exploit routine police lawlessness. In her June, 2011 UC-Davis Law Review essay “The Police Gamesmanship Dilemma in Criminal Procedure,” Professor Mary D. Fan of the University of Washington School of Law points out that police departments are adept at finding ways to “slide around the rules” and can always develop “tactics that undermine the purpose of rules” established by the judiciary.

It is for this reason that most of the criminal misconduct that occurs on America’s thoroughfares is committed by people engaged in what Fan calls the “competitive enterprise of ferreting out crime” – where “crime” is described as violations of government edicts that have nothing to do with the protection of persons and property.

This week's Freedom Zealot Podcast: Debtor's prisons are illegal, yet ubiquitous in the American soyuz --

Please be sure to visit the Libertarian Institute -- and tell your friends about it.

Dum spiro, pugno!

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The Reunification of Syria- PKK/YPG not Invited to Astana

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Tue, 01/10/2017 - 16:19
Hoping you listened to the brief interview posted earlier today?Here it is again  Bashar Al Assad Interview January 2017
If you haven't yet you probably should
An oped from Gwynne Dyer: A first or maybe a second for the blog. Gwynne Dyer is much like Robert Fisk- Except he's Canadian. Not to be relied on, but, occasionally useful.
Japan Times 


LONDON – "So far the end game in Syria has played out in an entirely predictable way. All of Aleppo is back in the Syrian government’s hands, that decisive victory for President Bashar Assad and his Russian backers has been followed by a cease-fire, and the Russians are now organizing a peace conference in Astana, Kazakhstan, for later this month"YPG/PKK  Kurds are apparently, at least according to them, not invited:

"We are not invited. That's for sure," Khaled Eissa, a PYD member told Reuters in France. "It seems there were some vetoes. Neither the PYD or our military formation will be present," he said.This news doesn't break my heart- Their intent regarding Syria, like Turkey, has never been peaceful. It's really difficult for me to see them at peace talks. 

Gwynne Dyer continues:
"The one surprise is that Turkey, long the rebels’ most important supporter, will be co-chairing the conference. This means that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made a deal of some sort with Russian President Vladimir Putin, for Astana is clearly going to be a Russian show. (America has not been invited, and Saudi Arabia probably won’t be asked to attend either.)

So what kind of deal has Erdogan made with Putin? The details may well have been fudged, for Turkey has not yet renounced its long-standing insistence that Assad must step down as the Syrian leader. (Yes they have. Gwynne get's that wrong. I've got quotes here from varying Turkish political leaders)  But it’s pretty easy to figure out most of what is going to be on the table in Astana (assuming the cease-fire holds until then).

Assad has won the war, thanks largely to Russian and Iranian intervention, and the Syrian rebels are doomed. There is no point in their fighting on, because all their outside supporters are peeling away. Turkey is now cooperating with Russia, on Jan. 20 Donald Trump will be U.S. president and also cooperating with Moscow, and Saudi Arabia is hopelessly over committed to its futile war in Yemen.

Even little Qatar, once one of the main paymasters of the Syrian rebellion, has now lost interest: It recently signed an $11.5 billion deal for a 19.5 percent stake in Rosneft, Russia’s largest oil producer. The rebels are completely on their own, and their only options are surrender or dying in the last ditch.

Syria’s rebels are almost all Islamists of one sort or another by now, but the less extreme ones will probably be offered an amnesty at Astana in return for signing a peace deal — which may contain some vague language about an election that might replace Assad at some point in the indefinite future. That’s as much as will be on offer, because Assad does not intend to quit and Moscow will not force him to.
The extreme Islamists — Islamic State, which controls much of eastern Syria and western Iraq, and the former Nusra Front, which controls much of north-western Syria — have not been invited to Astana, nor would they accept an invitation if it was issued.

The ex-Nusra Front (now renamed the Front for the Conquest of the Levant to disguise its membership in al-Qaida) was refreshingly frank in condemning the cease-fire and the peace talks: “We did not negotiate a cease-fire with anyone. The solution is to topple the regime through military action,” it said. A political solution would be “a waste of blood and revolution.”

But a military victory over Assad is no longer possible, so these groups are destined to lose on the battlefield and revert to mere terrorism. In terms of what a post-civil war Syria will look like, the great unanswered question is: What happens to the Syrian Kurds?

They are only one-tenth of the Syrian population, but they now control almost all of the Kurdish-majority areas across northern Syria. As America’s only ally on the ground in Syria, they have played a major role in driving back Islamic State. (Islamic State being America's other ally) They are not Islamists, they are not terrorists and they have avoided any military confrontation with Turkey despite Erdogan’s war on his country’s own Kurdish minority. ( Only in Dyer's dreams are the  YPG/PKK Kurds  not Islamists, not terrorists and avoided confrontation with Turkey. He's prevaricating.)

Yet Erdogan publicly identifies the Syrian Kurds as Turkey’s enemy, and they have not (or at least not yet) been invited to the Astana peace conference. Was Erdogan’s price for switching sides a free hand in destroying Rojava, the proto-state created by the Syrian Kurds? Very probably, yes."
Rojova, not recognized by anyone... was created from annexed Syrian territory- no one in Syria agreed to it. The US aided the PKK/YPG in their forced annexation/ethnic cleansing of vast swathes of Syria and Syrians
"Assad would be content for that to happen, provided Turkey handed over the corpse afterward. Putin doesn’t care one way or the other, and it’s most unlikely that Trump does either. The Turkish Army will have its hands full fighting the Syrian Kurds, but it has the numbers and the firepower to prevail in the end.

So even if the current cease-fire holds, and even if the peace conference at Astana goes exactly according to Moscow’s plan, there is still some fighting to be done in Syria. Assad’s army, with Russian and Iranian support, will have to suppress both Islamic State and the former Nusra Front, and the Turks will have to subjugate the Syrian Kurds.
This will take time, but with no more weapons and money flowing in from outside (since Turkey has turned off the taps) it will probably happen in the end. Which means that Assad will probably one day rule once again over a united Syria"The problem with Dyer's contention? Turkey was not the only one supplying weapons to terrorists. He forgets all the other parties.. I don't. The largest provider of weapons to the terrorists being the US. Including all the ones they poured into Syria using the conduit of Turkey.

 Hopefully Syria can remain united. Intact. Complete. 
Dyer: That is a deeply discouraging prospect, but it is probably the least bad option that remains. Why does Dyer find this a discouraging prospect? Because a destabilization overthrow campaign backed by US/Israel/UK and France failed?
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Bashar Al Assad Interview January 2017

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Tue, 01/10/2017 - 09:48
 About 11 minutes- Questions in French. Bashar Assad answers in English

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